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Tempo Lesson

Tempo lesson for a 6th Grade Beginning Band

Cameron Gish

on 22 February 2011

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Transcript of Tempo Lesson

MODERATO beats per minute allegro presto BPM slow and stately 66-76 BPM slowest of tempos we will learn adagio TEMPO moderately quick 112-124 BPM measure of tempo very fast 168-200 BPM fast or quick march tempo 120-139 BPM ANDANTE walking tempo 76-108 BPM accelerando gradually get faster can happen through
multiple measures ritardando accel. gradually get slower rit. tempo, like dynamics, adds
variety to music most of our breathing exercises
and warm-ups are at ANDANTE some of our breathing exercises
are performed at MODERATO we haven't played this fast in class....YET! tempo is an important aspect of any musical piece variety can be a GREAT thing
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