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Business and Ecology

No description

Lynne Agapito

on 12 March 2016

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Transcript of Business and Ecology

"God looked at everything that he made, and he was very pleased."
- Genesis 1:31

Business and Ecology
Why should businesses get the bigger share of the responsibility?
1. Business uses natural resources in the production of goods and services; and
The Dimensions of the Ecological Problem
1. Population Explosion
2. Depletion of Natural Resources
3. Pollution of the Environment
4. The Destruction of the Earth
Traditional Attitudes of Business Towards the Environment
Environmental Ethics
1. Man has a moral obligation to preserve the environment.
2. Man has a primary duty to take care of the environment.
3. Man must submit to the demands of natural law and must not intervene carelessly with the work of nature.
2. Business disposes wastes to the environment.
The Moral and Social Obligations of Business to the Environment
1. Business cannot use with impunity the different categories of creatures and resources, whether living or inanimate, simply as they will.
2. Business must realize that the natural resources are limited, once depleted are not renewable.
3. Business must comprehend the evil effects of industrial development on the quality of life.
1. Business is socially responsible to the environment because it is an important part of the macro-ecological system.
2. Business depends on the natural environment for its operations, e.g., energy, raw materials and waste disposal.
3. Business also must take into account the ethical issues when it relates with environment, e.g., short-term profit vs. long-term gain of the environment.
The Valdez Principles
1. Protection of the Biosphere
2. Sustainable Use of Natural Resources
3. Reduction and Disposal of Waste
4. Wise Use of Energy
5. Risk Reduction
6. Marketing of Safe Products and Services
7. Damage Compensation
8. Disclosure
9. Environmental Directors and Managers
10. Assessment and Annual Audit
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