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The Presentation of Hamlet

No description

Sam Edney

on 9 January 2013

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Transcript of The Presentation of Hamlet

The different presentations of Hamlet through film, television and our own method By Sam Edney, Tom Bethell and Raphael Jucobin The Different Portrayals of the Characters Hamlet Claudius Ghost Ophelia Gertrude The prince of Denmark.
He is given the task by his dead father's ghost to get revenge on his murder.
He pretends to be mad to not appear suspicious to his uncle. The spirit of Hamlet's father.
He tells Hamlet the truth about
his death.
Starts Hamlet's quest for revenge
Visits Hamlet again later on in the
play The daughter of Polonius and sister of Laertes.
In love with Hamlet but eventually turns mad because of it.
Dies by drowning herself Brother to the dead king and now the King of Denmark.
Married Gertrude and is now ruling the court.
Seems innocent at first but his true villainous actions are unveiled later on. Hamlet's mother,
She married Claudius after her husband died.
She dies after drinking a poisoned chalice. Act 2 Portrayal and Comparison (Kenneth Branagh) Act 3 Presentation Comparison (Both) Act 4 Portrayal and Comparison (BBC) Act 1 Portrayal (Us) Act 5 Portrayal (Us) (BBC) (Kenneth Branagh) Polonius sends a spy to watch over his son and learns that Ophelia is frightened of Hamlet.
Claudius sends two spies on Hamlet, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern.
Polonius brings a love letter to Claudius from Hamlet to Ophelia stating his madness is only love.
Hamlet quickly learns his friends are there to spy on him but is distracted when he hears a group of traveling actors who arrive in Elsinore.
He then hatches a plan to trap Claudius. Claudius and Polonius try to trick Hamlet into declaring his love for Ophelia.
Polonius volunteers to hide himself so that he can listen to an interview between Hamlet and his Mother.
Hamlet lectures the actors and they perform a edited version of 'The murder of Gonzago' to trap the king but are unsuccessful as Claudius is more outraged than guilt-ridden.
Claudius is praying when Hamlet tries to kill him but stops he will go to heaven.
Hamlet speaks with his mother and tells her his feelings about her hasty marriage.
Hamlet kills Polonius, thinking it was Claudius, and feels guilt for the innocent death. The queen tells Claudius about Polonius' murder and Rosencrantz and Guildenstern encounter Hamlet again.
Claudius reveals he sent Hamlet to England to be murdered.
Fortinbras makes an appearance.
Ophelia has now gone completely mad with distress at Hamlet's mistreatments.
Laertes is outraged and returns from France to investigate his Father's death.
Claudius blames Hamlet for everything and arranges a fencing match between Laertes and Hamlet.
The queen tells of Ophelia's death after she drowned in a stream. Hamlet and Horatio come into the graveyard where he finds Yorick's skull and learns of Ophelia's suicide.
Hamlet and Laertes begin their duel and the entire court assembles to watch.
Laertes is wounded by Hamlet and Claudius attempt's to kill Hamlet.
The Queen drinks it in a toast to Hamlet and dies.
Laertes denounces Claudius and tells the whole court of his actions.
Hamlet strikes at Claudius with the poisoned rapier Laertes used and forces him to drink the Chalice.
Hamlet is fatally wounded from the fight.
With his dying voice he hands the kingdom over to young Fortinbras.
The play ends. The ghost of Hamlet's dead father is seen.
Claudius speaks about his marriage to the wife of the deceased king.
Hamlet asks if he can leave the country but he is declined.
Horatio tells Hamlet about the ghost he has seen.
Laertes says goodbye to his sister and his father.
Hamlet joins Horatio on watch.
The ghost arrives and speaks to Hamlet Thanks for Watching!! Hope you enjoyed our presentation on the presentation of Hamlet through 3 different medias
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