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Jas-on Smith Rabiner

on 3 June 2013

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Which Burger is the healthiest for you? Based On Calories Range: 240-2050 A&W Baby Burger Fat Burger XXXL Mean: 624.4 Median:580 A&W Mozza Burger DQ Double Cheese Mode:300 McDonald's Cheeseburger Canadian Food Guide Daily calorie intake Recommended 3 snacks and 3 meals a day Males:600 calorie meals and 400 calorie snacks Females: 500 calorie meals and 300 calorie snacks Only 37 burgers<600 calories Only 23 burgers<500 calories Average Calories in fries: 450
Average Calories in soft drinks:250 "Healthy options" Drink Water Processed ingredients Why is it so bad? What is it for? colour
hide odours
flavour Cancer
Obesity Synthetic Hormones The Bun The Cheese Calories:250 'Pasteurized Processed American Cheese Slices' 80 calories per slice The Patty Loaded with steroids Hormones 200-800 calories Prices Average price of the average burger $4.50 Poultry vs Beef Very Similar Depends On the restaurant No salt injection makes a large difference White meat>Red Meat Best options Harvey's Original Fatburger Turkey Calories: 380 Calories: 480 $3.49 $4.79 What reasons make a burger healthy/unhealthy for you? ???
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