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Cornelia and the Audacious Escapades of the Somerset Sisters

No description

Veronica Mo

on 3 December 2013

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Transcript of Cornelia and the Audacious Escapades of the Somerset Sisters

Cornelia and the Audacious Escapades of the Somerset Sisters

By: Lesley M.M

Back Summary

Friends and Family are wonderful people. Cornelia did not have any friends and barely had a family. Therefore, Cornelia was very independent and lonely. She needed someone to talk to, to express her feelings to someone but that was the reason why Cornelia thought that the world was very cruel and mean. Then she met Virginia Somerset who was the kindest person she had met because she had welcomed her into her home and invited her to come over more often. There, she made friends with Virginia, Patel and Mister Kinyatta for the first time since nursery school. Also, her relationship with Lucy had become much better. For that reason, she felt happy, comfortable, she felt a feeling that she had never felt before in a while: LOVED. You could tell the difference when Cornelia did not have any friends and family and now where she has loving family and friends. Family and Friends give us something that others do not give- LOVE! We should respect that and try to give love to other family members and friends like how they give love to us.
Major Characters
Cornelia Street Engleheart- An 11 year old girl who has no friends and independent, For this reason, she sees the world a different place- a cruel, cold , mean world. To get away from reality, Cornelia loves to read and travels into her own "world". As she was creating her own "home", she wanders into a strange place. A welcoming planet where she travels to Morroco, Paris, England, and India with 4 young girls-the Somerset Sisters in Virginia Somerset's perspective.
Major Characters
Virginia Somerset: The narrator for telling Cornelia about the Somerset Sisters. She is a young woman who is the youngest out of the Somerset Sisters. She is also a famous writer. Virginia is kind, welcoming-especially to Cornelia, and warm-hearted. She likes to tell Cornelia and write her experiences and adventures with the Somerset Sisters.
Cornelia Street Engleheart- an 11 year old who has a passion for reading and traveling into different stories. Cornelia has 2 parents who are famous pianists and do not really care for their daughter. For this reason, Cornelia always goes to her new next door neighbor Virginia Somerset with her servant Patel and her dog Mister Kinyatta. There, she finds a whole new world - Virginia's world. Will she stay in her world forever?
Major Characters
Somerset Sisters: The Somerset Sisters are 4 sisters named Gladys, Alexandra, Beatrice, and Virginia Somerset. They travel all around the world and different places. Their adventures are Virginia's stories she tells to Cornelia.
Major Characters
Lucy Engleheart: The mother of Cornelia. She is a busy famous pianist who goes around the world for piano concerts. For that reason, she does not have the time to care nor play with her daughter. She wants to extend the relationship between her and Cornelia into a mother and daughter relationship, not a pianist who lives with an 11 year old girl. She slowly understands how Cornelia feels about Lucy.
Plot Components
Exposition: Cornelia is independent, book loving girl who does not have any friends. Her new next door neighbor Virginia moves in. Cornelia loves going to Virginia's house. It turns out that Virginia has the same personality traits as Cornelia - fun, quiet, welcoming, and kind. Therefore, Cornelia wants to keep their relationship a secret. Virginia has been Cornelia's friend for the first time since nursery school. She plans to have more adventures in Virginia's house.
Plot Components
Rising Action: Virginia starts to stop inviting Cornelia over to her house because she is getting sick. Therefore, Cornelia has to walk Virginia's dog Mister Kinyatta everyday but other than that, Cornelia starts to make friends with Natalie - a classmate who is like Cornelia except she is not quiet. Cornelia begins to think that Virginia does not like her anymore and that Virginia is lying that she is sick.
Plot Components
Climax: When Cornelia was about to knock on the door to give a present to Virginia the door was open a little bit. So without asking, Cornelia went inside and found Virginia talking to Lucy- Cornelia's mother. Their "secret" relationship between them is now over. When Lucy came to Cornelia to talk to her about Virginia, Lucy gave Cornelia some bad news. Virginia has cancer and that was the reason why Virginia was sick and could not invite Cornelia over to her house at that time.
Plot Components
Falling Action: Cornelia talks to Virginia after the news. Virginia tells Cornelia that she has lived a good life and she thanks everyone - especially Cornelia for being with Virginia all this time.
Plot Components
Resolution: Virginia dies and Cornelia is in a cruel, cold world again. But when she slowly gets her mind off, Cornelia meets Patel, Virginia's servant packing their bags. When Patel looked at Cornelia they said their final goodbyes. Suddenly Patel gives Cornelia a book. The book was written by Virginia Somerset- the final book she had written before she died. The title of the book was: Cornelia and the Audacious Escapades of the Somerset Sisters.

Somerset Sisters
Lucy and Cornelia
Thank you for listening to my presentation!
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