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The Hunger Games

No description

Mr Morgan

on 24 October 2013

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Transcript of The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games
What is the purpose of an interview?
Why is the interview so important in Big Brother/The Hunger Games?
Today's lesson
What is the purpose of a Big
Brother interview?
What could be happening here?

Who has the power in this relationship?

How can you tell?


Create and sustain dramatic roles (AF3 S&L)

6 - Make careful choices in speech, gesture, and movement

7 - Explore complex ideas and issues

8 - Experiment with complex roles/scenarios

Body language

Tone of voice


Do you know what these key words mean?
What sets you apart from the crowd?

What chance do you think you have of winning?

How did you feel when your name was selected?

What District are you from? What was life like before?

Last lesson you created a character who will be a part of the latest Hunger Games.

You are going to be completing a speaking and listening assessment which is an interview with Caesar Flickerman.

Unfortunately, Caesar Flickerman will not be available to do the interviews this year.

In pairs one person who will take on the role of interviewer and then you will swap.

The interviewer should:

Has a calm and reassuring personality.
Is confident and can win over the audience.
Can think of some fantastic questions to get the most out of each interviewee.

Is there any way you could incorporate some complexity into your role?

Could there be a secret romance that has been playing on your mind?

Are you out for revenge in the games?

Speaking & Listening Assessment
Write a script and perform an interview
scene for your tribute's interview.
Today's lesson
Read the Hunger Games
Finish interview script
Answer questions on novel so

Extension Questions
1. How is the Capitol different to District 12?
2. Self-Image is a central theme to the novel, how is this theme presented in the Hunger Games?
3. Many people are obsessed with their image
in the 21st century, what do you think about this aspect of society? (Plastic surgery etc).
4. Why do you think many celebrities/ordinary people apply to appear on reality TV shows?
5. From what you have read already, how are Peeta and Gale different?
6. Why is Haymitch so important to both Katniss and Peeta?
10 minutes private reading
Go through your book and make sure all
spelling mistakes are corrected

Stick any loose work in books.

Finish extension questions from yesterday
Prepare for your speaking and
listening assessment over half term.

Finish extension questions.
4th November
Today's task
Is the Hunger Games an
appropriate book to study in schools?

Today's lesson
Finish group work on why Hunger
Games should be studied in schools.
Write a short letter to the school arguing your point.
Write a letter to the parents that have objected to the novel and give them reasons why you think it should be taught in school. Be formal in your writing (and polite).
Concentrate on the positive aspects of the book (story of survival, strong family bonds,
entertaining for pupils etc.)
Give your own opinion.
Try and persuade your audience.
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