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Ubuntu Academy

No description

Lilian Schulze

on 3 September 2013

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Transcript of Ubuntu Academy

To create positive social change through the talents and dreams of youth,
guided by the philosophy of Ubuntu.

We are a creative place where students gain skills and undergo personal growth.

We systematically guide them to realise their inherent potentials so that they live and work as active and positively contributing citizens in their communities, countries and the world.

We strive to be a viable and replicable social enterprise. We strive to create opportunities with and for our students and all other stakeholders to grow a sustainable eco-system of arts, entrepreneurship and leadership. We co-create with people and organisations who share our values.

Ubuntu * Creativity * Passion * Celebrating diversity * Unlocking potential

Develop personal skills to nurture self-identity, self-confidence, resilience and will power through theatre, music, dance, film, design, life skills.
As a final show, students produce an interdisciplinary and multimedia
theatre performance and tour
through Cape Town and their home communities Mitchell’s Plain, Blikkiesdorp, Mfuleni.

Specialize in leadership, deeper into life skills, production skills, social entrepreneurial skills, business skills, social media skills, etc.
At the end of this phase students create a
community art programme and organise a festival

Students design and creatively present their
own masterpiece
. They choose how they want to make a living and design a concept, business, project, service, etc, possibly in a team. The two key criteria are to generate money and to have positive social impact in the community.
Each student will have a personal
business coach and mentor
. They start out with defining their mission, and using their talent and passion define how they want to contribute. All classes are designed around guiding the student to sustainably
generate income

Masterclasses, group coaching, individual coaching, peer group meetings, exchange programmes
, network meetings, motivational guest speakers. All that participants need to stay connected to their strength, mission and goals. Connect to others in the real world to make a difference for themselves and inspire others to do the same.

Guide students to

1. Find employment,
2. Start a business, community initiative or other project,
3. Enroll in further education, including trainings, internships and apprenticeships.


50% of world population is under the age of 30

South Africa has a youth unemployment rate of 68.2%

Cape Town: 47% of the city’s 3.7 million population is youth. Of those, almost half are unemployed.
GET IT DONE in a day
Mitchell's Plain: 16
Khayelitsha: 11
Blikkiesdorp: 13
Afrikaans: 20
English: 13
Xhosa: 12
Students are from
Students speak
Not in school: 23
In high school: 11
Tertiary education: 3
Other: 3
Employed: 9
(Full-time: 3, part-time: 6)
Unemployed: 29
Other: 2
Computer skills
Use pc more than once a week: 24
Once a week: 3
Once a month: 2
Less than once a month: 3
Social media
Yes: 31
No: 9
Aspirations & Achievements
Arts: 13
Role model/good person: 6
Community development: 4
Stability/escape poverty/find work: 9
Other: 8
"I want to own a
recording studio
or music label""
"I want to be an
Importance of
creative skills
"I want to be a role model for sons, daughters, parents and others in the community."
"I want to leave a positive legacy behind."
"I would like to throw down and re-build the Cape Flats, make money, and redistribute wealth"
"I want to be well-off, to have enough. I don't want to struggle. I want to have a good job"
Passion in life
Arts: 24
Helping others/development: 7
Other: 9

"Music! Working with people through music; speak out to people; touch souls"
"Building other people's self-esteem, teaching others, share to grow, improve Africa"
"Performing and making people happy"
and school"
Expression/identity: 22
Future opportunities: 6
Helping others: 4
Makes me happy/helps me: 8
"Through creativity you can take something ordinary and make it extraodinary."
"It keeps me away
from trouble,
like drugs."
"Through music I can can experience my feelings and change people's lives."
"If my other dreams and aspirations fail, I can still use my creative skill and do something with it!"
The Ubuntu Academy is a school for arts, entrepreneurship & leadership in Cape Town, South Africa.

We’re a place of inspiration for young, talented people. Young people who want to make a difference in their life and that of others.

We believe that every single person in the world has potential and talents. And we use arts (music, dance, drama, film, photography, design) to unleash that. Then we teach entrepreneurship and leadership to instill business sense and proactivity.

Our students are guided to become creative leaders of the next generation, to manifest positive social change and to be part of the emerging culture in South Africa. And ultimately, to prepare them for a prosperous life that they can create.

Median: 19
Average: 20
Quantitative: Student demographics
Qualitative: Student passion, aspirations & creativity
Sikho Sonke
Ubizo Theatre
City Varsity
Business Place
World Design Capital
17, Mitchell's Plain, drama
Drama, dance, music, film, photography, design. Growing creative skills and talents.

Learning by doing, connecting to professionals, businesses and the market.

Leading and being led in teams and groups. Setting and achieving goals.

Working with and learning from established artists and professionals.
Coaches, mentors, role models
We are
Let us show you what all this actually looks like...

...Meet some of our students!
Impact & programme evaluation
1. Student impact
2. Ubuntu Academy methodology
3. Organisational performance
What we measure
How we measure
Quantitative and qualitative, longitudinal data
Surveys, questionnaires
Diaries and focused group discussions
Creative tools for reflection and expression

27, Mitchell's Plain, music


Western Cape Provincial Treasury 2012
Schools produce less and less eligible applicants
for the tertiary education and training sector.

Racially differentiated and
declining performance
are some of the causes.

few people have post-school qualifications
, despite the number of higher education institutions in and around Cape Town.

50% of world population are under 30 years old, i.e. youth.
We want to
all that!
Support the Ubuntu Academy
to make dreams and potential of youth come true through arts, entrepreneurship and leadership!

For a better Cape Town, South Africa and world.
Pilot 2013-2015
Talent development
Skill development
"I am because you are"
47% of Cape Town’s 3.7 million population are youth, of which 49% are unemployed. That makes 852,110
young people with no jobs

Cape Town’s violent crime levels are above the national averages –
drug crimes, gangsterism, murder and rape

Lack of access to basic infrastructure, housing, work, education as well as
spatial apartheid, cultural and racial segregation
South Africa is one of the


in the world.

Poverty and inequality remain widespread, with about a quarter of the population unemployed.
Get involved so that we can achieve our vision...
Help us build a platform where talented, young South Africans are empowered to become the creative leaders, social entrepreneurs and community activist this country so urgently needs.
And now, let's zoom out a little bit.
What is actually the context??
Gini-coefficient between 0.61-0.8
(0 = equal, 1 = unequal)

25% of South Africans live on less than US$1.25 a day = R13 = €0.93
...By joining us as:

Guest speaker/workshopper
Partner (youth, strategic, business)

Inequality, poverty
Violent crime
Education crisis
What we've done so far

Get-It-Done campaign (NL+SA)
Showcase performance (audience of 80, SA)
Outreach event 100in1day (DK + SA)
Fashion label Kuyichi co-creation for a t-shirt range (NL + SA)
Music & drama workshops with NL ambassadors Leona Philippo and Anna Drijver
Workshops in life skills, music, drama, dance, design, film & photography
(total of 160 hours to an average of 30 students = 4800 hours of workshops delivered)
Social Media

605, Peak organic reach: 1,424
9 videos, with a range of views between 52 and 15,019
Tweets: 440, Following: 252, Followers: 128

Blikkiesdorp is a relocation camp, built by the government in 2007 and contains about 1,600 one room structures.

Regarded as unsafe, has become well known for its high crime rate, its substandard living conditions, and its extremely hot or cold, windy and sandy living environment. Residents have been reported to be suffering from depression.

It has also been compared to a concentration camp by residents and in national and international media.
Created by the Apartheid government in the early 1970s as a coloured township for middle-income families.

Is today one of South Africa's largest suburb with about 3 mio people. It also attracts created the strongest level of investment on the Cape Flats.

On the other hand, gangsterism and tik (methamphatemine) addiction among the youth are widespread and regular gang wars rage the otherwise settled communities.

Households have an average of 5 people, with an average monthly income of R3,451 (=$338 = €256).

Around 7,000 people live in this township on the outskirts of Khayelitsha. Most were moved there from the late 1990s following flooding and fires in different townships across the Western Cape.

Unemployment, HIV/AIDS and crime are some of the most pressing problems in this poor township.

The majority of households (72 %) in the area have a household income of less than R1,600 pm (= $156.74 = €118.81).
Johnny, film/photo coach
Nelson (drama), Luvuyo (dance), Lilian (core team)
Claire (core), Lilian (core), Themba (board), Renske (founder & board),
Janine (core)
Team & friends
Students & team
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