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No description

Mikhail Dzuba

on 15 July 2015

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Transcript of Formpipe2

About Formpipe
Long-Term Archive is a system for preservation of digital information over time. The system was developed in close dialogue with the National Archives and is based on the OAIS model (ISO 14721:2003).
With the input\output management solution Lasernet, all business documents, including invoices, order confirmations, credit notes, bank statements, etc. can be handled and distributed between businesses and the company’s stakeholders in a multitude of formats, regardless of the ERP system you are using.
Meet your customers' requirements in terms of delivery in various formats (print, fax, e-mail, PDF, CSV, etc.), and comply with the always applicable regulatory standards for electronic documents in Denmark and internationally (EuroSox, Sarbanes Oxley, Basel II accounting rules, SEPA and various local laws, directives and standards, such as OIOUBL and OIOXML).
Lasernet is currently used by more than 2,000 companies and organizations in various industries worldwide, and is sold via a network of certified partners.
Formpipe Structure
W3D3 is a stable and powerful ECM product for efficient information management and e-services. The product has a customer base of thousands of users who benefit from W3D3 in creating order among records, files and documents.
Platina is a modern Web-based ECM product for efficient and quality-assured management of information. Users of the product are coming from both private and public sector, including authorities, county councils, manufacturing and pharmaceutical companies, where information traceability and structural documentation procedures are essential. Platina has been validated at customers in accordance with current GxP and ISO standards.
In 2009 Sigma Ukraine established an Offshore Development Center (ODC) involved in development of Formpipe innovative products and customer specific solutions on top of them. Today the team in Ukraine counts more than 35 software developers and test engineers who develop and support wide range of Formpipe products.
Formpipe has substantial number of implementations of its ECM products: Platina and W3D3 in both private and public sectors. Its solutions are employed in authorities, county councils and municipalities, government agencies, universities as well as in manufacturing and pharmaceutical companies.

Among other features, they offer advanced meeting organization tools that was available only on PCs. This limitation resulted in the need to print out necessary documents before the meeting and destroy sensitive data afterward. Formpipe Meeting offers solution for this problem – special app dedicated to reviewing documents, treating them securely, and allowing commenting on the materials and taking notes during the conversations. The app is integrated with Formpipe ECM systems, so the users don’t have to take special care of downloading, uploading and maintaining local copies of the documents — it’s all done automatically, in simple yet secure way.
Stockholm - Head Quarter
Uppsala - Development
Linköping - Support
Copenhagen - Formpipe Traen
Kharkov - Sigma
s-Hertogenbosch - Representative Office
Nottingham - GXPi HQ
The Netherlands

Sign On gives the business unit FormPipe to its shareholders as dividend
New CEO and board appointed


The FormPipe share is listed Nya Marknaden, today named Nasdaq OMX First North
Acquires Digital Diary AB with the product W3D3
Ranked number one in a major public procurement agreement (IF2005)

Acquisition of the competitor EBI Systems AB. This gives FormPipe entry to a well established partner network and the highly competitive product Platina.
Noted at the Nasaq OMX Nordic exchange 19/1. Approved supplier to two FDA regulated companies (PolyPeptide, Kemwell) within Life Science industry
Formpipe acquires Traen A/S, a Danish ECM-supplier within the field of ECM. The acquisition will position Formpipe as a leading supplier in the Nordic region towards public sector for case- and document management solutions.
Formpipe acquires UK GXP Limited and strength its positions in Life Science industry
Acadre & TAS &TAP
Formpipe History
The system platform FormPipe is developed by the company SignOn and later becomes an own business unit
Christian Sundin appointed CEO
Acquisition of EFS Technology A/S in Denmark with the product LaserNet, an Input/output management software

Acquisition of the competitor ALP Data i Linköping AB. This gives FormPipe entry to a broad customer base using an outdated system called ÄHS.

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