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No description

Ally Grubman

on 6 September 2015

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Transcript of BAD

Dallas liked to "skate": steal, trespass, and
activities like that. But when her friends Pam, Sonny, and her boyfriend Ray pressure her into robbing a store with her friend's dad's gun, she gets caught. She was the one left to take the blame. The judge gave the father two options, to take her home or to put her in a Girl's Rehabilitation Center. Her father believed that his way of trying to reprimand her was ineffective, so the judge sentenced her to 6 months in the rehabilitation center. While making new friends and finding new hobbies, she also must learn how to stay away from old habits and prepare herself for going back out into the real world without her father or her old friends by her side.
The theme of this book is "coming of age". It follows the life of Dallas, who gets into trouble, and now has to deal with the consequences. The story starts with Dallas fooling around with her friends. After an attempt at robbing a store, she is arrested, then sent to a rehab center. In the center, she is taught about values, and the choices she will have to make in the years to come. She understands what she did wrong and that her "friends" were bad influences on her. She accepts what she did and learns from her mistakes.
Character Development
At the beginning of this novel, Dallas is immature. She lets herself get pushed around by her boyfriend and friends even when she knows it is wrong. She can't stand up for herself and is pressured into doing things that her friends want her to do. By the end of the story, Dallas is stronger and doesn't fall back into old habits. She learns not to talk to them anymore or to "skate" like she used to. She matured into someone who is determined and brave. She develops many best friends and close relationships in the rehab center. She grows constantly throughout the plot within those six months in the center.
This image shows the choice that Dallas had. She had two options and she chose to change herself while in the rehab center.
By Jean Ferris
This presentation was created by
Allison Grubman
Jean Ferris
Favorite Quotation:
"...who we are is different from what we do. If that's so, then what does make us who we are?" (Page 105)
Explanation of why it is my favorite quotation:
In this quotation, the girls in the rehabilitation center are talking about one of the girls who had been there. She had been abused by her new adoption brother. I feel that this quotation has a lot of meaning because it is true, not only in this novel, but also in our lives. The quotation leaves the question open; what does make us who we are? If it is not our friends, choices, family or our clothes, then what does define us?
I chose to use a house as a background because several parts of this book are about "home". Dallas wants to find a home and find comfort, whether with her friends, with her dad, or in the rehab center.
Why I chose a house:

This rehabilitation center is what I imagine the facility would look like in
where she spent 6 months.
This novel was very difficult for me to put down. Not only because the author's writing style was very descriptive and the book was very well written, but also because the theme of the book was so relatable. I am familiar with many people my age who have gotten into trouble and have had to face the consequences of their actions. This story highlights how adolescents can be influenced by peer pressure. Dallas recognized her mistakes and was able to become a strong young adult who made better choices.
This image shows the sad reality of peer pressure. Your friends can pressure you into doing things, whether it's good or bad, to conform with the group. These actions can have positive or negative consequences.
Peer Pressure
"You are free to choose
but you are not free from the consequences of your choice."
-Ezra Taft Benson
This quote emphasizes that all choices that you make have consequences that you have to face.
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