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vacancy STC (real!!!)

scientist worker http://www.speechpro.ru/career/vac/spb

Елена Аронова

on 15 May 2014

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Transcript of vacancy STC (real!!!)

Teach a computer
to understand

Be the first of your
friends to like this
Desired skills
and experience:
by the way...
Development of methods of instruction of language models
Development of methods of auto-correction of speech recognition results based on higher level logic (text mining)
Implementing and maintenance of algorithms
Team leading
We are doing more successful
speech recognition
(than on that video)
Personal Chair in Saint Petersburg National Research University of Information Technology, Mechanics and Optics
Support of Publication Activity
Opportunity to be published in the editions of Higher Attestation Commission for free
Opportunity to visit international exhibitions
Interesting job in unique Russian full-service company with authoritative brand both in Russia and abroad
If you don’t have required experience, but you are eager to develop in the area of speech technology, please, send us your CV and we will consider it
Check yourself. Send your answers to the crossword attached to the CV.

Tips to the crossword - regular expressions ;)

Saint Petersburg
325-88-48, доб.6731

ссылка кликабельна ;)
Bonuses according to project results
Enrollment according to Labour Code of Russian Federation
Benefits Package (+Voluntary Health Insurance, Corporate Fitness)
Holidays with pay (28 days). Sick days are paid according to legislation.
Flexible hours
Career development
Corporate events 3 times a year
Presents for important life events
Office near the Frunzenskaya metro station
(St. Petersburg)
Higher technical education, academic degree is welcome. Computational linguistics.
Experience in development and instruction of language models. Knowledge: n-gram language patterns, methods of instruction, smoothing, language models based on neural network.
Repost is welcomed
Recommendations is rewarded
Speech Technology Center launches
a position:
It is for a long-term position on a speech mining system project. Te project has many practical cases. It gives you an unique opportunity to see your research practical application.
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