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National City Lines

No description

Claudia Ho

on 19 December 2013

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Transcript of National City Lines

Redirected Money
- can now be diverted to different resource
So what would happen if the NCL was never founded?
The National City Lines
It is a front company controlled by General Motors, Firestone Tire, Standard Oil of California and Phillips Petroleum.
National City Lines
Their plan was to buy off local transit systems and dismantle them in order to promote the usage of cars.
Their motive
More money would be spent on improving the cost and effectiveness of health insurance. In turn, life expectancies will increase and more people will be alive today.
Money to Health Insurance
Claudia Ho
Patrick Chen
Pranav Behari

Period 2
Environmental Benefits
Cars would be a rarity in a world that uses mass transportation effectively. Since car exhaust contribute to global warming, the decrease in cars would improve the climate. Less carbon dioxide in the atmosphere would ameliorate the heat from global warming.
money that was originally used for developing cars
Library and park funding
Recreational funding
Improvement of roads/streetlights/street signs
Money to Public Resources
The money previously used for cars can be redirected to investment in the educational department. Schools and colleges would reap the benefits of more funds, allowing for better education and classrooms. In addition, our children would be better enlightened to lead the rest of humanity to a greater future.
Money to Education
Negative Impacts

Technology doesn't advance as fast
The whole system can be unreliable
Since the system is interconnected, a single issue can lead to a whole system failure.
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