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Progression to HE

No description

philip nash

on 28 March 2017

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Transcript of Progression to HE

Hospitality and Tourism Degrees at CCN
City College Norwich
School of Higher Education
Courses and Content
Why City College?
running degrees for 30 years
city center location
access to UEA library (24hrs)
small groups
specialist delivery/vocationally relevant
value for money
timetabling to support part-time work
validated by the UEA (top 25 uni in UK)
Why should you consider studying for a degree?
What does getting a degree
mean for you?
full-time = 3 years @ two days per week
Graduation day

Increase my earning potential
Give myself options for the future
Personal challenge
First person in my family to get a degree
For the love of the subject
Managing the external business environment
Managing accommodation, food and drink
Managing human resources (staff)
Managing quality and the customer experience
Managing revenue
Your management and leadership development
Phil Nash
Course Leader
School of Higher Education
My contact details:

Key Themes
BA (Hons) Hospitality and Event Management

BA (Hons) Tourism Management
Some Graduate Destinations

Revenue Manager- Marriott
Hotel Manager- Jupiter Hotels
Baxter-Storey Graduate Scheme
Restaurant manager - Giraffe
Merlin Entertainments Graduate Scheme
Masters degree - UEA and SOAS
Teacher Training CCN
Events manager Norfolk Showground and NCFC
Charity Fundraising manager- Break charity and the Big C
HR Manager Marriott
Pub management - JD Wetherspoon

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