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Political Involvement "why you should vote"

school presentation

Noah Waldherr

on 26 October 2012

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Transcript of Political Involvement "why you should vote"

The political involvement "Why people should vote" #2. why do people choose to join or not to join a political party? #3. What are three reasons why people get involved in the canadian political system either in the municipal, provincial or federal level? By: Noah Waldherr #1. why do we choose to
vote in federal, municipal
or provincial elections? People vote to help ensure that the party that supports your belief system gets into power.
It makes people feel involved in their countries government.
It also allows people to express their opinion regarding the direction of the country. People join to help steer their party in the direction that they feel is important.
Also there is power in numbers. I want to explain the municipal level
because thats the event happening
October 24th 2012 :) fact: if you don't vote, you cant
complain about the government WHY? WHY? because when you don't vote in the municipal, provincial or federal elections, you have nothing to complain about until the next election happens. You should vote for the party that supports your moral beliefs. (Make a difference!) 1) compared to other forms of involvement in politics voting is easy and quick.
2) voting is our right living in a democratic country.
3)When we vote we choose the people who will make our laws and govern how we live. #4.Why DON'T people get
involved in the politics?
Give 3 reasons why. #5. 1) Because people are too lazy to care about the government! 2) because people are uneducated about the political system 3)Many people think their vote won't make a difference. #5.How are you going to present? I USED PREZI!!!!!!
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