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The World is an Apple

No description

Harvey Allen Yumol

on 28 September 2015

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Transcript of The World is an Apple

Mario enters from the street at left. He is in the late twenties shabbily dressed and with hair that seems to have been uncut for weeks. Gloria greeted him and then Mario asked about the condition of their child.

Alberto S. Florentino
This is a story of how wrong decisions become greater burdens to a family. Mario’s family happens to be in the lower bracket of society. He cannot even provide for his family’s basic needs. Albeit all this hardships, his wife Gloria, still manages to keep her good virtuous. She insists that the way they are living is a much better than the one they will have if they do wrong acts. But Gloria’s entire constant reminder to Mario did not prosper. Mario decided to come back to his old life of crime when he lost his job when he tried to steal an apple for his daughter. He keeps on insisting that his priority is to provide what his wife and daughter needs. He left with Pablo, his old crime buddy, even if Gloria pleaded very hard for him not to go with the man. This is a sad representation of what is happening in the society today. Due to lack of better opportunities to heighten one’s standard of living, some become entangled with the wrong crowd. By doing so, these individuals do not help their family at all; instead, they end up worsening their family’s problem. It is man’s basic instinct that drives him towards his survival. But, no matter what, he should not forget that society expects him to conform to its norms. One’s action is weighed right or wrong and thus should be kept towards the proper action.
Mario - the man who lost his job
Gloria - Mario's Wife
Pablo - Partner in Crime of Mario
Tita - Daughter of Mario and Gloria
Mario started to elaborate his reasons why he doesn’t have money.

1. Mario
2.The World is An Apple
3. Alberto Florentino
4. the crime buddy of Mario.
5. All answers are correct.

Mario decides to get a "job" working with his old criminal friend Pablo. He is going back to a life of thievery.

The World is an Apple
-a filipino playwright and book publisher
-He was 23 when he became an accounting student at University of the East. He won a Planca Award for his play " The World is an Apple" in 1954
-He usually tackles about deals with everyday scenarios of a commoner's life.
-He has written more than 50 plays for stage and more than 100 for televisions.
-He was given a Presidential Medal of Merit for being a distinguished literature figure by President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo
-2008 when he was presented Dakilang Pilipino Award by the Consulate General in New York
Mario confessed that he lost his job because of stealing an apple.

Mario revealed the reason why he stole an apple and that he’s planning to apply as a night watchman in a company.

Mario and Gloria has no money to buy food for their daughter. Mario lost his job for stealing an apple. Falsely figuring out the situation as misfortune he left his wife and daughter, went back to his partner in crime Pablo and did crimes again to have money.

1. Who is the
in the story?
2. What is the
of the story?
3. Who is the
of the story?
4. Explain the role of
5. For you, what is the symbol of apple in the story?

Gloria comes up him after he finishes and tries to hug him, but he pushes her away. Suddenly confused, he sits on the steps. Gloria sits beside him and plays with his hands. Suddenly unnerved, Mario starts to fidget . Gloria rises and walks to the center, her eyes burning with hate and then she saw Pablo.
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