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No description

Nikki Tominey

on 21 May 2014

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Transcript of Composition!

Mark Thomas
Nikki Tominey
Patrik Sulek
Thomas Young

Rule of Odds
Introduction to

Negative/Positive Space
Rule of thirds
Golden/Fibonacci Spiral/ratio
Leading Lines
Depth of Field
Question Time? :)
The Last Supper
Leonardo da Vinci
The Pyramids of Giza
26th Century BC
Geometry and Symmetry
Madonna del Prato
Portrait de Monsieur Lavoisier et sa femme
Jacques-Louis David
Pablo Picasso
S-curve arc
The process of using lines to lead the eye
Jesse O
Leading Lines
ITV Logo
Leading Lines
Bernar Venet – Indeterminate Line
Leading Lines
Jim Zuckerman
Leading Lines
Last supper again!
Top left: School of Athens by Raphael
Top right: The Betrothal of a Virgin by Raphael
Bottom left: The birth of the Virgin Mary by Domenico Ghirlandaio
An example of a picture that needs simplification
The focal point in this image is relatively clear
so simplification is not required.
Edgar Degas
Dancers Practicing at the Bar
Notice the use of 'L' shapes in the
positioning of the Dancers
Leading Lines
Difference in detail
Everything sharp
complementary colours
analogous colors
colours in nature
meaning of colours
colour in graphics/deisgn
"I think [Gyorgi Peluci, color stylist] made the Simpsons yellow because Bart, Lisa and Maggie don't have a hairline, so they had to be yellow, otherwise Bart would look like he had a serated forehead if it was flesh-colored. And if they're yellow, you kind of get used to the fact that it's their hair and their skin colour, once the shock wears off."
colour in advertising and branding
negative space
using negative space
for effect
Negative space in graphics
positive space
The dots where the two lines intersect
with each other are
where objects in the frame are to be
positioned in order to follow the rule.
Rule of Thirds
In Photography
By Alex Knudsen
Rule of Thirds
In Painting
By J. M. W. Turner
Rule of Thirds
In Film
Video about the Trials
Cyclist, Danny MacAskill
filmed by Stu Thomson
Positioning in traditional arts
Importance of numbers
Positioning in photography
Edgar G. H. Degas - The Dance Class
Main subject sharp with background completely out-of-focus
Main subject sharp with background out-of-focus but still recognizable
Limited zone of sharpness
Positioning in 3D modeling
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