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Mendeley: Reference manager meets social networking

A general introduction to the Mendeley Research Networks (This Prezi based on one by Sjúrður Hammer)

Dana Ernst

on 30 March 2011

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Transcript of Mendeley: Reference manager meets social networking

FREE!!! Like a social network for researchers
Status updates
Suggested new contacts you might know
Groups of common interest
Complete control on how much you share Build your network
of fellow researchers Create your
digital library Automatic extraction of metadata from PDF's
Watch internal folders to synch with library
Search in Mendeley's own library of x.xxx articles Gather papers
from Gather papers
from anywhere Explore research trends and statistics Automatically
create your
bibliography Public reading list Groups Public reading lists make it easy and manageable for teachers to share reading lists with their students, to present your publications list, etc. Collaborate, share and discover
Lab group
Journal club
Supervisor <-> student Discover new contacts through mutual contacts Person to person Social Desktop Browser Drag and drop Mendeley will extract the
metainformation automatically Web import Import The Mendeley web importer allows you to import references from a wide selection of web pages Supports EndNote, BibTex, RIS,
Zotero and Ovid formats Mendeley search and subscribe By accessing every user's library, Mendeley's internal library has grown to over 45 million references Social networking for researchers
Dashboard gives you contact and group updates
Suggested new contacts
Suggested articles of interest
Complete control of how much you share
Comment and discuss readermeter.org Reference manager meets social networking 2011 Spotlight on Faculty Using Technology
Dana C. Ernst
Plymouth State University This Prezi based on one by Sjúrður Hammer www.mendeley.com
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