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Is Smiling Contagious...

My science project on is Smiling Contagious...

Weronika Piszczek

on 3 December 2012

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Transcript of Is Smiling Contagious...

Is Smiling Contagious...? Science Project... Statement of the Problem... Project Overview... Research... Procedure... Hypothesis... Conclusion... Is smiling contagious...? I am trying to find out if smiling is contagious. When one person smiles to one person does the other have to smile back? Do they have a choice or not? Well that is what I am trying to find out. This project will explain to me if it is. I believe that smiling is contagious because when people smile back to me when I smile they do it instantly and also from my own experience of when a person smiles to me I smile back not knowing why. 1.First, I will gather all my materials together.
2.Second, I will draw a chart on the sheets of paper.
3.Third, I will repeat step number 2 for the other two pages.
4.Then, I will go to my location which is at the park.
5.Next , I will smile at a random person who walks by me.
6.After, that I will write down my result.
7.Later, I will repeat steps 5 and 6.
8. Finally, I will repeat steps 4,5, and 6 still I got all my data. In conclusion smiling is contagious and my hypothesis was correct. Many people smiled out of their own good will and because they just felt it was the right thing to do. On Tuesday 13 out of 20 people smiled, on Wednesday 11 out of 20 people smiled, and on Thursday 16 out of 20 people smiled. That showed that more then 10 people smiled back when a person smiles to them. So it shows that smiling is contagious. Variables... Controlled variables: Is the location which is at the same park. Also the time which is 4:00 PM.
Independent variable: Is the people I ask in the project and test.
Dependent variable: Materials... 3 sheets of paper
2 number 2 pencils
1 watch
Tuesday Wednesday Smiled Didn't Smile * Data Chart... 13/20 11/20 16/20 7/20 9/20 4/20 Thursday Is Smiling Contagious…?
Did you know it takes 43 muscles to frown and 17 to smile? This has been discovered by scientists in Sweden. It has been proven that smiling is contagious. This test has also been taken in Sweden. There has been many test in the world and also that you started smiling ever since you were just a new born. You would never have thought but smiling also helps your immune system by pretty much helping you to relax. Are you ever stressed out? Then smile once in a while, then your body will immediately releases endorphins when you smile, letting it out if you want to or even when you force it. Also think about the first thing you see on a person when you greet them, a smile. Smiles are pretty much one of the most recognizable and attractive thing there is on a face.

How does smiling help your immune system? Well it can help in many ways. You body will get more relaxed when you do, which will contribute to your health. People think it's ridiculous that just by smiling it can help your health. But the thing is that when you have too much stress in your body it isn't good for your immune system. It actuallly makes it weaker. Just my smiling it brightens up your mood and the happier and relaxed you are the less stress you have in your body then you have a healthier immune system. It isn't a confirmed facts yet but they are still making more studies and test to confirm that information.

Everyone is stressed out, but smiling can help. When you smile you will immediately release endorphins while smiling. Endorphins is like a natural source or from of morphine. When you laugh or smile it comes out. These are substances that make you feel good or better when it is released. While having endorphins released to make you feel better or even good about yourself. Then when that happens that's when stress is released. One of the easiest way to get endorphins out of your body is just by smiling. Sometimes your not in the mood to smile well just force it then it will be worth it.

How is smiling contagious? Is the main question. Well it really takes for your unconscious mind to take control. Its just a cheerful gesture that your mind think that it has to smile back so it controls you to. There was a test/study conducted in Sweden which said that people had a really thought time not smiling so they wanted to no why. It turned out that their muscles twitched into a smile by there selves. So pretty much most of the people can't control it most of the time.

The first thing you normally see on a persons face is a smile. People can notice smiles up to 300 feet away. So that's how it makes it the most recognizable and attractive facial expression. A smile is attractive in many ways. It draws more attention to your face. A smile has a power to radiate or spread out the qualitites that makes you you or shows the beauty inside you like sweet, kind, caring, ect... A smile will invite other people in, that mean when you smile more people will want to get to know you because a smile can express a lot of unique features or qualities that is in you.

In conclusion, smiling is art that is on your face. Not only is it the most recognizable and attractive facial expression and is very contagious it help you in many ways. It releases stress and when you release stress it helps your immune system from weakening and it can weaken from stress. When you smile you can release endorphins that makes you feel better. A smile will brighten up your mood and show what kind of person you are. It changes the way you look, how you feel, how other people feel or think about you, and makes a new person out of you smiling is contagious in many ways. Wear a smile on your face, don't be the person that your not.

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