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Briana Lara

on 14 April 2015

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Transcript of Dance

What is Dance?
To dance is to move rhythmically to music. It is also a Category of art form used to express oneself aesthetically.

Types of Dance
Ballroom Dancing
Belly Dancing
Bollywood Dancing
Many of the Dances listed above are foreign. Such as,
Bachata(Dominican Republic)
Belly Dancing (Middle East)
Bollywood Dancing (Indian)
Folklorico (Latin America)

Field of Dance Careers
For a person who wishes to get a career in dance, the list of careers are as follows:
Professional Dancer
Dance Instructor
Dancers that perform in theaters
Dancers that perform in music videos
Alma A. Pierce Cheer Squad Dance Instructor
Expectations for Interview of Claudia's Performing Art's
For a woman who owns her own dance studio, we expect for her to have a major in Kinesiology or plenty of experience to have become such a successful instructor in dance.
When not practicing for competition, practis is held3-4 DAYS because she has coaches running the class.
She is her own boss.
Started to work for JV. Started working from age 16 to age 22. Now she is a Wife and a Mother.
She instructs Cheer and Hip-Hop.
No degree for this.
In 8 months, she will be given the opportunity of having her own Reality show.
Expectations for Interview of Alma A. Pierce Cheer Squad Dance Instructor
As a cheer squad dance instructor we expect for her to have a degree in Kinesiology or have Kinesiology as a minor or any type experience to have been a Cheerleader sponsor for so many years.
Description of Job: "My job entails supervising, instructing, organizing and delegating assignments to parent volunteers, organizing fundraisers, maintaining a budget, ordering uniforms, organizing parties, and scheduling practices and performances".

Average Salaries for Dance Instructors in Texas
For the average Texan dance instructor, salaries are as follows:
Dance Instructors Teacher in Austin, TX
Youth Dance Instructor in Austin, TX
Certified Group Fitness Instructor in Austin, TX
Dance And Gymnastics Instructor in Austin, TX
Gymnastics And Dance Instructor in Austin, TX
Dance Instructor in Austin, TX
Ballroom Dance Instructor in Austin, TX
Theatre in Austin, TX
Salsa Instructor in Austin, TX
Lyrical & Jazz Instructor in Austin, TX

Average Salaries for dance instructors in California:
Dance Instructors Teacher in California
Youth Dance Instructor in California
Certified Group Fitness Instructor in California
Dance And Gymnastics Instructor in California
Gymnastics And Dance Instructor in California
Dance Instructor in California
Ballroom Dance Instructor in California
Theatre in California
Salsa Instructor in California
Lyrical & Jazz Instructor in California
Average Salaries
Professional Dancer: $125,000
Ballet Dancer: $24,000
Broadway Musicals: $1861 per week
National tours of musicals: $700 per week
Regional theather productions: $560-730 per week
Music Videos: $475 for 10 hour shoot day
Las Vegas Shows: $620-650
Cruiseships: $400 per week
Themeparks: $500 per week
Dance Companies: $500 per week
Choreographers: $18.33 an hour
The Interviews for
Claudia's Performing Art's
Alma A. Pierce Cheer Squad
For the average Californian dance instructor, salaries are as follows:
Degree & Certification
Claudia's Performing Arts (C.P.A.)
Claudia has an Associates Degree in Psychology.
Salary/ Benefits
Work Schedule
Alma A. Pierce Cheer Instructor
P. Sosa has a Bachelors degree in Finance, a teaching certificate, and a Masters in Library Science.
Claudia's Performing Arts
Claudia's Performing Arts (C.P.A.)
Claudia's Performing Arts (C.P.A.)
Claudia's Performing Arts (C.P.A.)
Claudia's Performing Arts (C.P.A.)
Alma A. Pierce Cheer Instructor
Alma A. Pierce Cheer Instructor
Alma A. Pierce Cheer Instructor
Alma A. Pierce Cheer Instructor
Annually, she gets paid about over $40,000 and a $500 stipend that gets divided at the end of each semester. As for benefits, she has regular employee health and life insurance.
$102,000 yearly average. She has no benefits.
Claudia works with her children Monday- Sunday. No breaks.
Regular schedule is once a week on Mondays from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m.
They practice in South Laredo at a small little facility. Big enough to fit about 10 students.
Claudia's Performing Arts
Alma A. Pierce Cheer Instructor
Has no college experience in dance. Everything she knows is all from personal experience from back in high school, middle school, and elementary school. At first, she began in small, local competitions, now she has had he opportunity to make it to state competitions.
She does not have a degree in dance. She also has never even been a cheerleader or dancer while in high school or at a university. She was a band member in high school and at the university level so she does know about rhythm, beat, and synchronization.
She expects for her girls to bring back first place. More importantly, she expects to see progress in the girls dancing.
She expects the participants to learn a dance routine by counting out steps in sets of eight. She also expects for them to learn cheers, chants, stunts and dance routines.
Claudia's Performing Arts
Alma A. Pierce Dance Instructor
She works with girls and boys ranging from ages 3-18 years old.
She works with girls and boys raging from ages 3-11 years old.
They practice at the Alma A. Pierce Elementary School’s cafeteria or gym located at 800 E. Eistetter St. Laredo, Texas, 78041.
What is it like working this age of children? Especially those who have no background with dancing? "Working with students ranging from 3 to 11 years of age, is quite a challenge. Most of the members have never had any prior cheer, dance, or tumbling experience. This year only 23% of the group, 7 out of 30, are members of private dance studios. I do my best teaching cheers, chants, and polishing up dance moves in order for the group to look presentable. I also have to pick a song or cheer mix that appeals to the group in order for them to perform to their highest potential. I will say that patience is one of the main characteristics that a sponsor must hold in order to have success with a group".
Thank You for your time.
Hope you enjoyed it!
Are the parents supportive to their children being in cheerleading? If not, does it affect you and the children? Yes, the majority of the parents are supportive of their child. If a parent is not satisfied with the way I run my cheerleading group, a parent conference is held with administration and parents are advised that they may remove their child from the group or adhere to the way things are run by the sponsor. Most of the time, the parents leave the child in the group because their child really enjoys being part of the group. Some of the concerns that parents bring up are: “Why are the little ones always towards the back of the group?” I explain that as their child matures and improves on their dance techniques, they are moved further to the front of the line. Also, I explain that I use my upper grade members to model the dance moves for the little ones and that eventually their child will be part of the front lines.
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