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Bungee Jumping

My bungee jumping presentation

Liam Devaney

on 20 August 2012

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Transcript of Bungee Jumping

Jumping References Thank you for your attention! And one more thing... Bungee Jumping is
an extreme sport that involves leaping from a great height while connected to a strong elastic cord. Bungee jumping originated in ancient Hawaii where men would tie vines to their legs and jump down from a tree. What is it? History Equipment by Liam D Safety http://www.en.wiki/bungee jumping
http://www.googleimages.com/bungee jumping I hope you liked this Prezi! 1 high up platform Some bungee cord A harness On new years eve just passed, a 22 year old Australian woman fell into the river when her cord broke! Places to jump At 111m, Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe is one of the worlds most popular places to bungee jump At 233m, the Macau Tower in China is one of the highest jumps in the world. Although bungee jumping seems really dangerous, millions of people have made successful jumps all around the world. Only a few people ever fail a jump. Other types of bungee Here a chair is shot into the air like a slingshot. Bungee jumping on trampolines is popular at fairs and amusement parks. Here runners see how far they can get while attached to a bungee cord.
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