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Jaci Jones

on 11 December 2009

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Intern Mentor/REP STAGE: Professional Theater What is Intern Mentor or Independedent Research? Have you ever wanted to design your own class? To research something you're actually interested in?
Intern/mentor is a class where you can get hands on experience with a profession or reasearch topic of your choice.
Indpendent Research is a class where you can be indpendent and individual with your research all on your time. If you have an idea or interest in a subject that you want to pursue or make changes to, these classes will facilitate you. What will you do in independent research or intern mentor:
IR & IM requirements:
Annotated Bibliographies (32) Journal Entries/Time sheets ( done over spread amount of time)
Product Abstract Research Paper
Visual displayProject/Product
PortfolioOral Presentations


Why take these courses? can There are no limits to what you can research, what you can study for the entire year, some examples include, the affect of improv acting on people, marine biology and social networking with professional sports. The IR/ IM courses will set you apart when doing college applications.
gain career experience/ knowledege on a specific topic.
choose what interests you/ learn about it all year.
The work is spread out, techincal college level course
develops your writing skills What am I researching?
My research question? What are the various occupations that work together to create the collaborative process known as professional theater? Where do I Intern? I intern at REP Stage, a professional theater located at HCC.
is not affiliated with HCC just in residence. At REP Stage, I am involved with many aspects of professional theater. I experience different departments working with my mentor, the producing artistic director with Rep Stage, Michael Stebbins I have worked with:
The box office
The House Manager
The Stage Manager
The set designers
Production Meetings
Play writes
Accountants What will I accomplish?
After being a part of the production team with REP Stage,
I will make a guide that goes to all people interested in performing arts careers in the D. C Baltimore Region.
My guide will benefit people interested in getting a job and expand peoples horizons on what performing arts jobs exist. Internship:
If you're interested in IM, you need to pick a few topics you are interested in
narrow it down and find a professional in the feild to be your mentor; you will meet with this person for 35 hours a quarter, depending on coordinating schedules. What do I do at REP STAGE? In Conclusion:
You should sign up for intern-mentor or Independent research, they are worthwhile experiences and help you stand out.

With my project, I'll get better connections with professional theaters in Maryland while helping people find occupations in performing arts.
Imagine what you can do if you enroll in the class....:)
Dickens of a Carol
The Glass Menagerie, (I'll be on the Production Team)
On the Verge
The Goat
What have I done to research?
Advisor and mentor
Biblographies Jesse Schwartz:
Interns at Raven's Stadium Press Box Maddie Zins:
Group: all county improv Producing Artistic
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