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Vasco Da Gama

No description

Olivia Blumenthal

on 30 November 2013

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Transcript of Vasco Da Gama

Vasco Da Gama
Why did Vasco Da Gama choose to explore and what did he hope to find?
My principal object of my trip to India was to connect us, Portuguese, to the Muslim-dominated trade route. Muslims had valuable spices just across the Indian Ocean.
My plan was reinforced by commercial and
political intelligence and ideas obtained by
Eastern travelers. We planned to send a fleet
to India to trade for spices and to outflank
the Muslim Africans. The idea was to send a Portuguese fleet into India to open a sea route to Asia, specifically to India.

Where did Vasoco Da Gama go,
and what route did he take?
My route was carefully prepared by knowledge gathered during the 1400's voyages of African exploration in Africa's coastal waters and the Atlantic Ocean. These culminated in Bartolomeu Dias' discovery of the Cape of Good Hope in 1487. I established a route from Europe to the Cape of Good Hope that was supposed to be followed throughout our days of sailing. I had charted a navigable sea route from Lisbon to India. I opened the sea route to India by way of the Cape of Good Hope at the Southern tip in Africa.
Vasco Da Gama
By: Olivia Blumenthal
Who sponsored Vasco Da Gama's voyage and what did the sponsor provide?
I entered the King's service and in 1492, the king led a royal squadron on a retaliatory mission against French pirates.In 1495 King Manuel ascended to the throne. The balance of power between factions at the Portuguese court shifted in favor of friends of mine and patrons of my family. The project was revealed: send a Portuguese fleet to India. At order of King Manuel, I commanded four vessels to Calicut. When I was chosen by King Manuel 2nd of Portugal to lead an expedition in 1497 to India, it was partly because I didn't appear to have any experience or have any record as an explorer. I did have a reputation as an able fighter, a determined leader and a diplomat. The commission was given by king Manuel to me.
What new discoveries did Vasco Da Gama make?
I discovered a new sea route to
India. I was the first European to
travel by sea to India.I also was
the discoverer of a sea route to
the East Indies. I also opened a
lucrative spice trade.
What People did Vasco Da Gama meet and what were they like?
The people were assumed to be Muslims.
India's ruler was called Zamorin. I tried
to force and convince him to trade. The
Zamorin wasn't sure that he wanted to
trade with my fellow sailors and me.
Zamorin finally decided to sell food to
us. The Arab merchants had four things that they mainly traded away: vessels laden with gold, jewels, silver and spices. I also learned how strict Muslims, the Indian people were.
What challenges did Vasco Da Gama face?
On January 11th, one of our boats called the Sao Rafael was destroyed. When we got to India, the ruler, by the name of Zamorin, was not sure that he wanted to trade with us. A few of the men in Calicut gave us the spices and jewels that we wanted, but we mainly got items that we didn't prefer. A couple of weeks after we started to follow our route back, a storm hit and separated two of our boats called the Sao Gabriel and the Berrio. When the ship's finally made it back, only fifty-five out of one hundred men survived.

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Vasco Da Gama
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