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Pre-disaster Recovery Planning at WREMO

No description

Dan Neely

on 5 March 2015

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Transcript of Pre-disaster Recovery Planning at WREMO

“A GOOD CITY IS LIKE A GOOD PARTY – people stay much longer than really necessary because they are enjoying themselves”
Jan Gehl - Danish Architect
Hurricane Katrina
1833 people lost lives

1m people displaced

$41 billion USD paid by insurance companies

$120 billion USD cost to the US government

PR disaster for all levels of government - and the end of many political careers...
10 years later,
25% of the population
has never returned...
how do we keep the party going,
after a big disaster...?

New Orleans
Daniel Neely
Manager of Community Resilience


Urban Growth
New orleans planned for its response, but it never planned for its recovery...

(which has proven to be the bigger and more enduring challenge )
Strong local leadership
Communities celebrating their identity
the city coulda planned for its recovery before katrina by...
- Investing in mitigation to avoid a break in the levees

- Focusing on building stronger communities

- Addressing its governance and corruption issues

- Developing a vision of what kind of city it wanted to be
a destructive hurricane

- and lots more...
2/3 of the residents have never returned to a community the city pledged to rebuild...
Celebration is central to New Orleans' identity
New Orleans is made up of lots of different communities that function at many different levels - like every other city
4.2 sq/km
in recovery, existing strengths & weaknesses are AMPLIFIED
after the Sept quake, CCC maintained a BAU policy and not an urgent Recvoery policy
what's the role of EMergency management in recovery...?
( It's an existential question )
Role of the cordon
a third of the people that live in Welly are not even from NZ... but i want to stay here after the event. so how do i stay here... how do i help keep the party going...
This is what we don't know...
How will nine local councils engage with central government?
Where are we going to put all those people that live in our increasingly dense CBD?
What BAU processes are going to be bent or broken?
How will government positively engage with our communities and commercial sector?
How are we going to keep commercial activity going with a very damaged CBD?
Start with a
recovery vision

and LOTS more that we don't know and haven't considered...
Welcome to Wellington Picton North
Evidence says both are possible outcomes for our future...
WellingTron - City of the Future!
so what do we do about it?
Pre-existing challenges...
(size of tawa)
New Orleans East
Father Nguyen
- Tony Maryatt
Local Leadership Matters
4 Sept 2010
Canterbury Earthquake Response
and Recovery Act 2010
22 Feb 2011
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Role of local government
Role of Central government
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
"Business As Usual"
- Tony maryatt
''We know that a culture of an organisation is framed by its leadership, and in Christchurch we saw a 'business as usual' approach after September 2010, which the literature confirms is anathema to recovery,''
Dalziel said.
4 years later...?
Wellington's Projected Scenario
* 500-1,500 dead
* 2,000-12,000 injured
* 20% of CBD building stock collapsed
* 50,000 people displaced
* 120 days for bulk water
* lots more....
recovery Framework

Facilitated workshops across all subcomponents
Urban Planning - Economics - Community Development - Governance - Waterways - Social Equality - Business Continuity - Housing - ............

Start w/ thrive
Partnership Model

Local government
as the centre of gravity
How do we create the best possible
scenario for sewers in recovery?

What performance targets
do we want for our sewers?

What mitigation efforts can we do to enhance the recovery vision?
What areas will be our priorities,
in the short and long term recovery?

What processes for replacement or repair will be bent or broken?
What roles can our partners play before, during and after the event?
much more

How we engage matters!
Thank you
Still partying in the French Quarter
Struggling before Katrina...
a thriving community!!
"dysfunctional" relationship between ECan and other local authorities
"The extent of the gap between the
capability of ECan and what is required....
is enormous and unprecedented,"
would this have happened if the region was functioning well?
We have our issues...
Your gateway to Picton!
which will impact the resilience of the region
Running these workshops as a collaborative programme will generate a set of activities
across the region

Build these into the
Long term plan
as bau activities

enhanced resilience

Keeping Wellington Weird
Positive growth in public education and entrepreneurship
Example from the built environment
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