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Enhance vocabulary with storybook-apps

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on 2 April 2014

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Transcript of Enhance vocabulary with storybook-apps

Facts of this week
Enhance vocabulary with storybook-apps
Enhancing vocabulary
"Living books" in the news
Learn more words with apps

Storybooks-apps -effective for child development
Main ideas (1)
Reading storybooks with pictures is good for vocabulary development
No time?
solution = digital storybooks

Why effective?

What does research say?
Two studies:
Background music and sounds interfere with new word learning for SLI children
Speech perception could be underlying factor of SLI
Severity more important than nature of the problem

Vocabulary and reading comprehension
Main ideas(2)
Reading comprehension involves different processes
Predictors - longitudinal study Muter and colleagues, 2004
learn more difficult words than from classical storybooks
zoom in
simultaneous presentation
language becomes concrete
extra features: clicking, music, sounds,
extra explanation: mouseclick/touch vs MC questions
SLI children profit from digital storybooks:
no background music
no sounds
Both of these articles concluded that electronic e-books
• can be beneficial for word learning for normal readers and (Smeets & Bus, 2012)
• are effective ways to increase SLI children’s expressive vocabulary, even when there is no adult support (Smeets , et al., 2012)

Findings from both articles provide valuable information for educators to expand the vocabulary of their students but also for speech-language pathologists for evaluating and designing interventions for SLI children
Why effective?
Dutch reports are in line with the research from the 2 studies.

However, not always objective e.g.:

"Ouders kunnen hun kinderen met een gerust hart laten voorlezen
door een prentenboek-app, in plaats van het zelf te doen."

"Parents can let their children read storybook apps with confidence
instead of reading out themselves. "

Research conclusions...
Special education & digital storybooks?
Two articles online:
Summing up...
Josse, M. (2012, December 19). Prentenboeken-apps effectief voor ontwikkeling kind.
Retrieved from http://www.ereaders.nl/19121201_prentenboeken-apps_effectief_voor_ontwikkeling_kind?search_string=De+Morgen.

Redactie(Meer woorden leren met apps (2013, February).
Klasse voor ouders
. Retrieved from http://www.klasse.be/ouders/33675/meer-woorden-leren-met-voorlees-apps/#.Up5PeeJ_sUH.

Smeets, D.J. H. & Bus, A.G. (2012). Interactive electronic storybooks for kindergartners to promote vocabulary growth.
Journal of Experimental Child Psychology
, 36-55. doi: 10.1016/j.jecp.2011.12.003

Smeets, D. J. H., Dijken, M. J. de, & Bus, A.G. (2012). Using electronic storybooks to support word learning in children with severe language impairments.
Journal of Learning Disabilities,
1-15. doi: 10.1177/0022219412467069

Yulie Galanou, Adina Munteanu & Yvette Diamanti
4th of December, 2013
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