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No description

Ryley Lasko

on 4 March 2015

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Transcript of Eco-Fashion

Karlee Ervin
Ashton Miller
Ryley Lasko
Eco Fashion
Trash to Trend
Sustainable production:
Producing products/services that are more:
-Resource Efficient
-Enviromentally Sound
-Socially Responsible
TA 4: Eco-fashion
31 Bits

Eco-friendly and philanthropic
Started by juniors in college
Beads made from recycled paper
Five year holistic development program
Sold in over 300 doors

Reduces carbon footprint
Clothing lasts longer
Cuts down on harmful chemicals/ pesticides
Reduce negative impact of fashion industry
Behind the Name
Proverbs 31: "Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves"
"Bits" of recycled paper
How It's Done
Local posters, text books, advertisements, etc.
Cut into thin strips then rolled
Water-based lacquer added last

Brand dedicated to upcycling
Often feature young designers
Offer upcycling workshops and competitions

Upcycling Concept
Young Designers
Frank Abner T-shirts
Collected from New Use Centre
Individually designed based on t-shirt
Young Designers
Lisa Murdvee "Case" collection
Made of Estonian song and dance t-shirts
Woven on loom
No visible seams or stitches
Finished "Case" Jacket
Finished Products
Gary Harvey Inc.
Re-cycled "Eco-Couture" Collections
Inspired by vintage couture
Made entirely from recycled clothing
Initially created to raise awareness

Featured In
Personal Commission: Livia Firth
Using less energy
Using less chemical materials
Generating a smaller carbon footprint
Ensuring fair trade practices
Green Embassy
Internationally recognized organically certified fashion label
Certified by GOTS
(Global Organic Textile Standards)
Designer: Zuhal Kuvan-Mills
"Slow Fashion"
Half United
Created by 2 siblings
Materials used include recylced bullets
Gives HALF proceeds to fight hunger
U.S., Madagascar, Fiji, Cambodia
Donated over 115,000 meals since 2010
The Bullet
Recylced bullet casings from shooting range
comes in different colors

represents the "fight" against hunger

simple yet bold item
Handmade in the U.S.A.
Vancouver Fashion Week 2014
materials all come from local businesses

economic development large
effect on global hunger

empower local businesses and craftspeople

outsource the least amount and use neighbors
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