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The Art of Small Talk - 2

CE Presentation - Spring 2013

Nancy Johnston

on 2 January 2014

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Transcript of The Art of Small Talk - 2

What is it?
Dig Deeper
What brought
you to this

Oh, where
do you work?

Be Approachable
Career Essentials:
The Art of Small Talk

Get the Conversation Started
Gracefully End & Exit the Conversation
Keep the Conversation Going
Have you
met Ted?
I need to
my drink.
It was great to
meet you - thanks for
that tip on my
golf game.
Use more than one
word when you
answer a question
Be appropriately
Ask an open-
ended question
Maintain Open
Body Language
Be phone/
gadget free
Look up, make
eye contact and smile
Be mindful
of silence
Be Current &
Avoid Conversation Killers
My wife works for Deloitte. What office are you with?

I'm stationed in Chicago, but I travel every week. Where does your wife work?
Where did I last see you?
Was it that conference in...
Hi, my name is John. I'm sorry,
I have forgotten your name.
Know Your Audience
What makes it an art?
Introduce / Reintroduce
It's not an exact science.
Situation, Location, Occasion

This museum is a great venue.
Have you been here before?
What's your favorite part of
this class?
Verbal Cues
Nonverbal Cues
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