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No description

Wendy Hoang

on 20 March 2013

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Transcript of Wendy's

All About me By: Wendy Introduction Hey ! My name is Wendy Hoang I was born on September 9, 2002 and i was born in a fantastic country called Canada ! My Accomplishment I have accomplishment many many things.I have learned how to swim kind of and how to do long,long division .As well as i learned how to do a crisscross in skipping .Next I'm going to talk about my wonderful family. My Family Hey again,now.My family Same as all parents,they help you cook,and clean etc.my parents trust and count on me because I'm the oldest it's pretty tough.but I'll get use to it.So I have to a good grade. I go to White Haven since senior kindergarten ,White Haven is a blast every year.I have a lot of B's and A's ,I always do my best. But I can still be smart and crazy at the same time. My Fantastic Education My Likes!! Let me tell you about my interests ,I have lots and lots,so I think .I love swimming ,skipping,playing out side,oh and did I mention swimming .Also I like riding my bike and arts.oh ya most importantly I acting. Lastly . . . In Conclusion,I love my life. I have a great family and a good education. Every year I have accomplish something different and liked something new .
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