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Recruiter Training

2013 College Recruitment Recruiter Training

Paul Jentlie

on 13 April 2016

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Transcript of Recruiter Training

Help your candidate relax and feel safe talking to you.
The interview should be a process of give and take. Allow them to interview you/Abbott just as much as we are interviewing them.
Continue to develop their enthusiasm for Abbott.
Let them know that we are interested in their future and that even if we can't hire them now, we would like to be a resource and stay in touch. Invite them to link via LinkedIn (could be with Talent Acquisition or you directly) or join our Facebook page etc...
At the close of the interview let them know what to expect next.
Hitting the target: Evaluate each candidate to determine who is the best of the students each interviewer sees.
Make sure the target is the same for all: Utilize a consistent rating system that will allow us to compare students from multiple universities who have been interviewed by multiple interviewers.
Attract, Identify and Hire the best candidates for Abbott.
The first thing we need to do is to attract the students so we have the opportunity to show them what a great company Abbott is to work for.
What do we do after
the school visit?
Identify which students we rated as our top picks.
Talent Acquisition Department will request application
TAD will run Skill Survey (references)
As possible we will circle back with School staff for any insight they can provide.
Continue to stay in contact
Invite top students to visit office when they are in Seattle area.
As you have contact, make sure notes get added to their file in Talent Acquisition
Abbott's continued growth is dependent upon our ability to staff our projects with people who are passionate about the Abbott mission. Identifying and developing great college graduates continues to be a key strategy in that Talent Acquisition plan
Key Elements
Evaluating and Scoring each Student
As you talk to to each student consider how they would fit within Abbott's Culture.
Customer Commitment
Can you see them clearly communicating to a client?
Do they speak clearly?
Do they present their points logically?
Are they able to present issues so that everyone understands the concept?
Ask them for examples of when they have been in a leadership role. This is a great place for a behavioral question.
"Can you tell me about a time that you were in charge of a group project and one of the group members was not doing what was expected of him/her. How did you handle that?"
Does it seem like they naturally lead, or struggle with leadership responsibilities?
Once we have determined how many people we
can actually hire we can start to finalize our decisions.
As we consider full time hires, we first review those who have interned with us. As a known quantity, we can predict their potential success with us better than other students with whom we have only spent a short time. If these students have shown high potential in their time with us we should make offers to them first.
Review former Interns
PE Hires
Compare the graduating candidates that we identified as top ranked, along with all the supporting information. Consider the location preferences and costs to Abbott.
We may add additional interviewing if in Portland or Los Angeles Office
Intern Hires
Compare the intern candidates that we identified as top ranked, along with all the supporting information. Consider the location preferences and costs to Abbott.
We may add additional interviewing if in Portland or Los Angeles Office
Interviewing Best Practices
The next part is the most critical and most challenging. We need to spend a half an hour with individual students in which we maintain their interest in Abbott, hopefully increasing that interest and evaluate their potential as an Abbott employee.
What can they expect?
You can let the students know:
We will have completed our college visits by the end of November for WA and OR and the end of March for California.
We will make the first round of hiring decisions in December/January, for WA/OR and April for CA. Although at anytime we see that we need additional staff we may also add depending on graduation dates and project starts.
If possible, we will bring our top picks in for in-person interviews at our office as we narrow the field.
Our goals for hiring are 1-2 full time project engineer and 2 to 3 intern hires in Seattle, 1 intern or project engineer hire in Portland, and 2 interns in California (Although these are just very rough projections)
Pre-Start Onboarding
New hire paperwork - Done online and e-signed
Drug Screen
Pre-Internship survey
Provide general information - Housing, etc...
Start building relationships
Invite into office
Introduce to PM's most likely to work with.
Introduce to supervisor as soon as it is determined.
After Interview
A new employee!
Day 1 - On-boarding
On-boarding is the foundation upon which their Abbott experience is built, it is critical that we are all properly prepared and that the foundation is built correctly!
Company Orientation
Safety Orientation
HR Introduction
Systems Orientation
IT Orientation
Staff Introductions
Hand Off To Team
New Intern or PE handed off to new supervisor.
Team meeting/lunch introduce to full team.
Discuss expectations.
Determine Intern "Plan".
Final New Hire Paperwork
Complete I-9 and verify Employment eligibility.
Verify all paperwork in order
Get voided check for payroll deposits.
From our interviewing we should move into summer with a full staff of fresh new Project Engineers and Interns. Then we will start the cycle all over again!
If we have been successful in our initial attempt to get the students attention, we should have a substantial list of students signed up to interview following our presentation.
Work with the schools to promote our visit to the school.
Develop compelling posters to promote our presentations.
Promote our visits through Social Networking
As possible be involved with School competitions, projects etc...
A key element to building our brand on campus is that when our interns return to school that they have had a great experience with us and promote Abbott organically. Beyond interns, this can apply to any students that we get the chance to interface with.
Provide good career advice and counseling.
Offer insight into why it is interesting to work on the size projects we work on, and why that size project will help them to develop broader expertise than companies that only do the giant mega projects.
Show interesting projects that we have done.
Most important - Let them see the passion you have and how much you enjoy the work you do.
3 Part Strategy

#2 Motivation/Passion!
Are they passionate about Construction?
(Especially the type we do)
Look for signs of extracurricular activities in the industry. (Construction competitions, clubs, activities)
Building things as a child, always loving to build.
Internships/construction experience
Over all enthusiasm for life! Positive / Upbeat
#4 Reasoning
When you look at what they have done, and what they plan to do, is there a method to it.
Can they explain the choices they have made?
When you question them do their answers make sense and can the explain them?
#1 Culture Fit
Consider our core values; Do they show signs of similar values?
#3 Communication Skills
Do they seem intelligent?
Do they ask good questions?
Are they gathering the information from you to make good decision?
Any of the questions you ask will give insight into several of our scoring areas. You don't need specific questions to see how their communications skills are, or to see how they reason/think. We will provide sample questions and a scoring form that will help you to figure it out.
How do we get all that in
just a 1/2 hour?
To maintain consistency in our interviews we have a recruitment score sheet. In the upper right corner you will see the 5 main areas we are evaluating for. The rest of the form contains a variety of questions to help you assess those qualities.
E-mailed Offer letter
Phone Call
Welcome and Congratulations
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