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Public Speaking

No description

Rachael Pirschel

on 31 March 2014

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Transcript of Public Speaking

Did you know?
A popular survey found that PUBLIC SPEAKING remains the top fear among Americans.

People fear public speaking more than spiders, heights, and even death!
But what is everyone so afraid of?
Popular Fears
I forget what I'm going to say

I have a technical glitch and my visual aid doesn't work

The audience looks bored/doesn't pay attention

I look or sound awkward and uncomfortable

I talk too fast and run out of things to say before my time is up

We know that people are scared of public speaking, but why? What are they actually afraid of?
Public Speaking
I forget what I'm going to say
Know your material!

Read over your research packet and Prezi several times. The better you understand your material, the more apt you'll be to remember it.

Make a note of the things you're having a difficult time remembering. Those are the things you should have on your note card.


at your visual aid.

It's okay to take a quick look at your Prezi; it is there to AIDE you. Just don't read off of it.
I have a technical glitch
Don't Panic
Be patient, don't start pressing every button repeatedly. Practice opening your Prezi and running through it.
Address the Audience
Rather than letting your audience guess while you stand in silence, let them know that you are having technical issues and it will just be a moment. They will understand and sympathize, I promise.
The audience is bored or isn't paying attention.
Vary the pitch of your voice. If you speak in a monotone voice, your audience will think you're bored with your material and they will also become bored.
Start out with a good hook! Captivate your audience from the second you start speaking. It's easier to KEEP their attention than to gain it later in the presentation.
I look or sound awkward.
Speak with Conviction!
We've gone over the "What not to do" list. Just stay away from doing those things
(slouching, swaying, mumbling, shouting, etc .)
and you will be fine.
I speak too quickly and run out of things to say

Rehearse with a timer and be aware of your pace.
Have some extra information that you can discuss if you run out of time. Elaborate on why this career is good for your personally.
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