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TeachMeet Essex

TeachMeet Essex presentation showcasing resources from the ICTmagic website.

Martin Burrett

on 9 November 2013

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Transcript of TeachMeet Essex

A Mix of Fab Resources
from the

Presented by Martin Burrett
This is a wonderful Google StreetView mashup where users can make mini worlds of their local area or of places across the world. It's a great for displays and geography activities. Just find the place you are looking for and use the Print Screen function to get creative.
See more presentations like this at http://j.mp/CPDmagic
That link again... http://j.mp/CPDmagic
See this again at
This is a truly amazing iPad app and 'soon to be launched' download for PCs which replaces a whole TV crew and studio. Capture your video and audio use like adjusting the sound levels, an in-build teleprompter and green screen effects to make spectacular footage. Edit your video directly in the app and add images, websites and Twitter feed as cutaways sections of the screen.
This is a downloadable physics playground where you can experiment with all sorts of structures, forces and virtual materials. It's great fun. There is also an iPad app to explore.
This has got to be the funkiest instant poll, quiz, response site around. Create questions, quizzes and polls with optional uploaded images for participants to complete in real time from a computer or mobile device. The users access the quiz by using a pin code. The 'question master' gets the data back instantly and it is stored on the site or can be downloaded. This is superb for checking the knowledge of children in your class or that your audience is still awake.
A superb site where you can crop YouTube & other online videos, add audio messages and quiz questions which provide individual assessment feedback to check understanding of your students.
Making time lapse videos is a wonderfully educational experience and changing how we view the world gives us valuable insight. This Apple and Android app can make stunning time lapse videos with just a few clicks. Set how long between
taking each image and leave the app to it. You can even use it for create stop frame animations. You can upload your video directly to YouTube and link to the usual social media sites. There is a 'paid for' version for extra features.
This is a superb history resource with over 25,000 aerial photos of Britain from 1919-1953. See a bird's eye view of how the landscape used to look.
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