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How the all blacks Rugby team are represented in the media?

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on 13 October 2013

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Transcript of How the all blacks Rugby team are represented in the media?

How the all blacks Rugby team are represented in the media?
In New Zealand media,the New Zealand All Blacks team is represented a number of different way.They male in New Zealand,phycially tough,loyality...By portraying the New Zealand All Blacks team in this way throught New Zealand media.
Detail 1
The media in New Zealand had portray them as role model and heros of the country.
'The way in which these guys have been greeted by the public is testament to the fact that they are more than just rugby players. They have represented their country brilliantly, both on and off the field, in a way which I believe has distinguished them as being particularly great role models for our children.'MELISSA MCDONNELL
As we can see in this quote,the society of New Zealand had ready treated the All Blacks as our national pride and our role model to look up at.Since the All blacks had been represent the New Zealand rugby over 10 years,which the international team call them the best,the way that the public treated them is already over the al

All Blacks has become a selling point for sports wear and some certain product.As the All blacks has already became Heros and tough strong icon in the world.Peopple
Detail 4
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