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Chile presentation

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Meritxell Calbet

on 25 June 2013

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Transcript of Chile presentation

Chilean Food
Stretches across West Coast of South America
Peru to the north, Bolivia to the northeast, Argentina to the east & the Pacific Ocean to the west.
Capital: Santiago de Chile
Where is Chile?
Natural Resources
Chilean Economy
Chilean Culture
Main Language: Spanish
Ancient People
The Clovis tribe is the most well-known,
but other groups of people came before them:
By: Meritxell Calbet Montcusí
~derivatives of nitrates
1. Northern People: rich handicraft
2. Araucanian: agriculture
3. Patagonian: fishing & hunting
~fuel oil
~aircraft and parts
~computer accessories
~telecom equipment
~industrial machinery
~fruits and frozen juices
~industrial inorganic chemicals
~farming materials
The Roots:
1500s: Ferdinand Magellan sailed around the world (Strait of Magellan at the tip of S. America).
Western coast of South Africa was colonized in present-day Chile by Spanish conquistadors.
This is why Spanish is now the main language of Chile.
Mapudungun (spoken between Itata & Tolten rivers)
Aymara (spoken in the mountains of the north)
English (taught in schools)
Empanada de Pino: A turnover stuffed with meat chunks, olives, onions, raisins and a piece of boiled egg baked in an oven.
Carbonada: A meat broth with carrots, potatoes, onions and broccoli; garnished with green pepper & parsley
Alfajor: A round, flattened pastry covered in chocolate and filled with a mixture of sugar & boiled milk
Papaya con Crema: A papaya preserve topped with whipped cream
Chilean Holidays
Commemorates the Battle of Iquique (during the War of the Pacific) between the Chilean and Peruvian Navies in 1879.
Although the battle was lost and commander Arturo Prat died, the Chileans eventually won the war and claimed land up north.
Celebrated with both military & lively parades with traditional dress.
The President gives a speech to Congress.
Navy Day - May 21
Honors the Virgen del Carmen (patron saint of fishermen & mariners)
Pilgrims travel to the town of La Tirana to present their offerings to this saint
One cultural dance performed on this day is the Danza de los Diablos. The dancers wear a colorful devil suit and mask.
Music is played with the flute, trumpet, and drums.
Candles are lit around the statue of Virgen del Carmen and processions follow into the night.
Fiesta de La Tirana - July 16
Tourist Attractions
A hill in northern Santiago with a beautiful view over the city and the Andes Mountains
At the top is a Church and a statue of Virgin Mary (cable cars are available)
The Parque Metropolitano (on this hill) offers a botanical garden, zoo and 2 swimming pools.
Cerro San Cristóbal
Located thousands of miles off the Coast of Chile, but still an official territory
887 beautiful statues carved centuries ago by the Rapanui people
Two volcanic craters, beaches, diving, and surfing.
Easter Island
Famous Chileans
A world famous poet born in Parral, Chile (1904-1973). He joined the Communist Party of Chile and was elected senator of the Republic in 1945. He also won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1971.
A laywer and navy officer born in Ninhue, Chile (1848-1879). He was killed after attempting to board a Peruvian ship during the Battle of Iquique, but is considered a national hero. Navy Day celebrates the battle in which he died.
You should visit Chile because of its vibrant culture, whimsical scenery, and delicious food. In the capital of Santiago, tourists can enjoy shopping in the busy markets, walking amidst the Manhattan-like skyscrapers, and visiting the historical buildings. Chile is also home to the Andes, the largest continental mountain range in the world. There are deserts, capes, lakes, and diverse wildlife, creating a myriad of opportunities to explore.
Why should you visit Chile?
Other Languages:
The End...
"Churrasco Palta" is the best!
By: Andres Espejo
Recipe: National Secret
Because Meritxell Calbet is in Viña del Mar and she is waiting for your visit!
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