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Benjamin Bradley: Inventor of the Steam Engine

No description

Malik Robinson

on 30 January 2014

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Transcript of Benjamin Bradley: Inventor of the Steam Engine

Again!? C'mon Man
With all the hard work and dedication put into the making of his steam engine, Bradley was still "Just a Slave<" so he didn't have the ability to patent his work. He sold the bigger steam Engine model and later bought his freedom.
Benjamin Bradley: Inventor of the Steam Engine
Bradley impacted history with the invention of the first steam engine with the ability to power a warship. Improved versions of the model was used throughout the 19th Century, making his achievement a major milestone for African American scientists.
Background and Early Life Continued
All whilst working at the USNA, he never forgot about his original Steam Engine Model. With his motivation and drive for success, he saved the money from his job ($5.00/month) and also the money from the selling of his original steam engine model to put towards the purchasing of the supplies needed to make a larger model.
Eventually Bradley finished the Steam Engine large enough to drive the first steam-powered warship. The engine was able to travel at 16 knots/hour. It was also later used to power a warship transporting guns.
Benjamin Bradley's Background/ Early Life
Benjamin Bradley was born around 1830, though his death date is unknown he has not been forgotten for his contribution to science and black history. He was born a slave in Annapolis, Maryland. Even though it was illegal for a slave to read, he was taught to read mostly by his slave master's children.
People around Bradley were so amazed with his work and intelligence in science that he was later assigned a job working at the USNA (United States Naval Academy).
Because of his ability to read and write, at age 16 he was sent to work in a printing office where he would find pieces of junk and use those pieces of junk to construct model ships. Motivated and determined he later built a working steam engine made from a piece of gun barrel, pewter, pieces of round steel, and other pieces of junk and scraps.
Life Cont.
At the USNA in Annapolis, Maryland he worked as a classroom assisstant in the Science department. Doing so he helped setup experiments that had to do with the makings of chemical gases.
Boy This Guy Was Smart!!
He impressed in every aspect of science, his professors also noted that he was very smart and also a fast learner. They also noted that he made no mistakes with any of the preparing of lab experiments/ projects .
AAH! C'mon Man!!
Although Bradley had a good job and was very good at what he did he was still considered as just a slave. Most of the money he made on his job went to his master leaving him with only $5.00/month. But that didn't stop him.
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