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No description

Gurpreet Singh

on 20 January 2015

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The Finacle Wealth Management solution is a modular, scalable solution designed for private and retail banks.
This wealth management solution is available both in the standalone and integrated mode which ensures unique customer definition, a unified view into the customer’s portfolio across asset classes including banking accounts, and seamless transaction workflows.

Functional Architecture:
Financial planning solution:
Financial planning module is a comprehensive end-to-end integrated solution which facilitates banks and wealth management firms to provide financial planning and portfolio management advisory to bank’s clients.
Key modules:
Financial planning module
Structured products
Mutual funds
Futures & options
Prospect and relationship maintenance
This solution is scaled up to handle prospect management as well as create a household view for the customer by integrating the investment accounts, deposit accounts and the liability accounts for all the joint holders of the relationship.
Risk profiling
The user’s risk profile is determined based on the answers to a set of questions customized to assess the risk taking ability.


Portfolio management
Provides the capability to design
customized portfolios to meet long
term financial goals, consistent with the
investment objectives, risk tolerance, and
liquidity needs in line with the investor’s
investment profile.
Goal planning
Goals can be setup for Retirement, Education, Protection and Lifestyle. There are separate set of
questionnaires for each goal.
Structured products
An extensive and parameter-driven product setup to define both native and third party offerings.
Defined equity-linked, market-linked, currency-linked, credit-linked, interest-linked and hybrids.
Comprehensive order capture and routing facility to process orders placed across multiple exchanges through brokers, and supports processing and settlements of trades, along with corporate action processing.
Scaled up to send and receive SWIFT messages for confirmation and settlement of trades and straight through processing of corporate actions.
Mutual funds
Comprehensive rule-driven preferences for mutual fund transactions such as subscriptions, redemptions, switches, liens and transfers. This is also enabled to
process various corporate actions.
Fixed income products in general, and bonds specifically are the investments of choice for many risk-averse banking
Enables efficient handling of third party insurance distribution business to define and maintain a wide range of life and non– life insurance products.
Transaction and premium payment rules can be maintained to enable effective control.
Key modules
Futures and options
Provides extensive support to maintain entities, contracts, underlying and their attributes, to effectively manage order
Alternate investments
Portfolio Management Services (PMS)
Enables to distribute the PMS offerings of third party issuers and also record the transactions executed through the bank.
There is a provision for the investors to withdraw or close-out the investment based on the latest valuation in the system.
Private equity
Allows banks to have a parameterized
product definition, place and settle
transactions, define drawdown schedules
for the staggered payments and update
the valuations.
Initial Public Offering (IPO)
Initial as well as follow-on offer in equities and exchange traded bonds is supported in the product.
Alternate funds
Private equity
Held away assets
Managed accounts
Precious metals
Margin lending
Management fees
Finacle from
partners with banks, the world over, to accelerate innovation and unlock the value levers of their business.
About Finacle
Lending against Securities, as a
requirement has arisen out of the fact
that Investors with huge investments
in Securities may not want to sell
them to meet their short-term finance
Finacle WMS Collaterals functionality gives Investor a provision to leverage on his investments, also encourages him to invest more and there by earning higher returns.
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