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jaidenaustinMysteries of Ancient Eygpt

No description

Jaci Howard

on 6 May 2016

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Transcript of jaidenaustinMysteries of Ancient Eygpt

Duties of Servants and Peasants
Fast Facts
Peasants comprised as much as 80% of the Egyptian
population. They also helped build government buildings, along with working in the fields.
Servants were also at the bottom of the 'social pyramid', along with peasants. Servants were the people who worked for the healthy nobles and were exactly like peasants.
Duties of Egyptian Farmers
Mysteries of Ancient Eygpt
Men and boys worked in the fields using hoes, sickles, and their
bare hands.They irrigated crops with a shaduf, which brought the river's water into a canal. The woman baked bread, brewed
beer, spun thread, and wove it into various items. During the flood months of June to September, the farmers were called for service to the government to build pyramids and government buildings. Farmers were the 2nd lowest workers on the social pyramid.
There were many jobs in ancient Egypt. Some of the jobs were craftsman and scribes. But most
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