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Designing a Healthy Diet (2)

No description

craig botnen

on 16 January 2018

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Transcript of Designing a Healthy Diet (2)

Designing a Healthy Diet
Variety helps
No one food meets all your nutrient needs*
Try and eat Functional Foods
Balance and Moderation are key
Nutrient Density
Energy Density
Ratio of nutrient content to the total energy content
Calories vs nutrients
Proteins/ vitamins/ Minerals
the number of calories per unit of measure
Calories vs Weight
Gram/ Pound/ KG
States of Nutritional Health
Desirable Nutrition
When body tissues have enough nutrients to support hormonal functions as well as a surplus of stores to be used in times of need
Under nutrition
Over nutrition
Background Factors
Family Health History
Social History
Economic Status
Anthropometric Measurements
Biochemical Assessment
Clinical Assessment
Dietary Assessment
Environmental Assessment
Take control early on!
Fine. I want to eat better. Where should I get recommendations?
Gym Brahs?
Food Pyramid
My plate
Probably not your best bet
where do i start...
Why is this so hard?
The "Health and Diet" Industry
Corporate-Influenced Government Writes the Guidelines
The Media and the Scientific Community Communicates Poorly
We Are Predictable and Easily Influenced
So what do you do?
What's on the label?
product name
name and address of the manufacturer
amount of product in the package
ingredients listed in descending order by weight
Nutrition Facts panel
Any Exemptions?
What do these mean?
4 Categories:
Health Claims
Preliminary Health Claims
Nutrient Claims
Structure/Function Claims
If something has to advertise that its healthy, its probably not...
what about supplements
Can be marketed without FDA approval
Bad nutrition advice:
Recommendations that promise a quick fix
Claims that sound too good to be true
Google this:
Energy Density vs Nutrient Density
Health Claims
Functional Foods
a food given an additional function (often one related to health-promotion or disease prevention) by adding new ingredients or more of existing ingredients
Ready to eat food not for immediate consumption
Foods that don't have significant amount of nutrients
Foods made by business under certain criteria
Background Factors
How do I Choose
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