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How to write an essay

This is a presentation that explains how to write an essay.

Deanna Miller

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of How to write an essay

How to Write an Essay Getting Started
Pick a topic
Choose a central idea
Create a thesis Organize ideas into an outline consisting of...
Introduction paragraph
Body paragraph(s)
Conclusion paragraph The first part of the introduction paragraph should grab the readers attention.
This could include:
A quote
An interesting fact
A question
A story
The rest of the introduction paragraph should introduce your topic, state a thesis and introduce the topics of your body paragraphs.
A thesis statement is a statement is a sentence that explains what your paper intends on discussing or proving. Begining Body Paragraphs:
First sentence of each body paragraph should introduce the main idea of that paragraph and then elaborate. Developing Body Paragraphs:
Body paragraphs should include a lot of ideas and information from that relate to the main point. A body paragraph is well developed if it includes a lot of information that sumarizes the main point. Starting the conclusion:
Start by briefly restating the ideas of the body paragraphs. Conclusion:
Be sure to sumarize the general idea of your paper.
Restate your thesis.
Include final thoughts that will keep the reader thinking. When you are finished, your paper should look like this...
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