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No description

Nick Pugliese

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Paintballing

Paintballing There are many different types of paintballing Leagues and Tournaments. Some Leagues or Tournaments are

CXBL (Canadian Xtreme Paintball League) ESPL (Empire Series Paintball League) Raiders Cup Grid Fighters -NWTS (Next Winter Tournament Series) There are certain things you need to go paintballing. Paintball mask, Jersey or an old shirt, Paintballing Pants or pants, pair of gloves optional, gun, hopper, tank and cleats. How to play Speedball
You will start in an area called "The Break Area" The referee will shout "Ten seconds in 3, 2, 1 Sprint as fast as you can to your designated bunker and take cover, your teammates will provide some cover When you're shooting keep most of your body BEHIND the bunker You also want to move around a little If you get hit, stop shooting, put your gun in the air and shout "I'm hit" Paintball field layouts are very different Dynasty Paintball Team
Dynasty has 9 players they play in 7 man games in the NPPL Players are

Alex Fraige

Archie Montemayor

Chad George

Davey Williamson

Glenn Takemoto

Johnny Perchak

Justin Schwarz

Ryan Greenspan

Yosh Rau

Dynasty Practicing
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