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No description

isaiah keys

on 14 November 2016

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Transcript of Tyrell

"I really wanna put my fist through the wall. i cant calm myself down"(blurb)
I like this book,i like it because of how it has as a sence of interest. Tyrell, his little brother and his mother are all homeless moving from shelter to shelter just to have a place to sleep at night.
Tyrell-the book has a lot of parts in it making it seam as tho it came from event that happened in a real life situation.
Author:Coe Booth
# of pages:310
"And you know i could
have helped yall out with
money while your pops is away"(p.15)
"Bye, i say and flip the cell phone closed. I knew that n**** was trying something.(p.15)
Tyrell got a phone call from Dante-one of his dad's friends
"Tyrell" is kind of like a personable book.Whenever i read it at some times i can make connections from the book to other people i have seen or been around. tyrell himself is like a fish that is lost in the see trying to find a home.
Most books, like movies are predictable. unlike regular movies, TV shows and fiction books Tyrell is unpredictable. it acquires a something that makes me want to keep reading the book. it reminds me of a kid that cant get enough junk food
i loved the book because of authenticity it has. its not like any other book. it is a good book and has a lot of good things.other students should read it because it has a good message.
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