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How long does it take to remember something?

No description

7th grade science

on 27 May 2014

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Transcript of How long does it take to remember something?


#1.passage of 55 words
#2.test subjects
#3.1 stopwatch
#4.Pen and paper for notes
Experimental Discussion
What we would change in our experiment, would be to give easier words in our passage we selected and the number of words.
Determine variables
Independent Variable-test subject.

Control variable-the poem stays the same.

Dependent variable-time people remember something
I believe it takes 4-5 minutes for the human brain to remember something.
#1.First have a poem that has 55 words in it.
#2.Get 6 people to remember the poem.
#3.Recorde the time it took for them to remember.
#4.Let them read it and see how many mistakes they made.
#5.Record and see who remembered it fully

We were wrong about our hypothesis. It takes at least six to ten minutes for the human brain to remember a random passage.
How long does it take for the human brain to remember something.
Jasmine R,Cruz and Isabel Vega

Conduct Experiment
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