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Mexican Drug War

No description

Elyse Dial

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Mexican Drug War

Mexican Drug War Background
Role of the Media Impact A little bit of history MORE THAN JUST DRUGS Francisco de Jesús Ibarra, 33, was found dead in a canal on the outskirts of San Pedro, near Culiacan.

Mexican Government estimates 22,000+ drug-related deaths since January 2007.
958 killings last month make March 2010 Mexico’s “bloodiest month” during President Calderon's Campaign. “Mexico is wracked by a criminal-capitalist insurgency. It is fighting for its life. And most Americans seem to have no idea what's happening right next door.”

- Sam Quinones, Los Angeles Times "The problem of drug trafficking and organized crime must be combated through forceful actions, appropriate legislation and more and better coordination between the various corps responsible for public and national security. It will involve a lengthy battle that will take years, require an enormous effort, financial resources and even, as we have said, the sacrifice of lives, but it is a battle we are determined to wage and one that we will win, which is why we must be united."

-President Calderon, December 1, 2006
http://projects.latimes.com/mexico-drug-war/#/its-a-war “The U.S. must confront the public health issue that large-scale consumption poses […because] if we insist only on a strategy of the criminal pursuit of those who traffic in drugs, the problem will never be resolved.”

- Ernesto Zedillo, a former president of Mexico Began in 1985.
Students who participated signed a pledge not to use drugs. Campaign ran from 2000-2002
Funded by the American Legacy Foundation
Focus on stopping nicotine addictions Stop your drug use and Stop a war. Merida Initiative The Merida Initiative is a multi-year program to provide equipment and training to support law enforcement operations and technical assistance for long-term reform and oversight of security agencies Up to this point, the U.S has given $875 million dollars. Passed in June 2008 any questions? Drug Consumption in the United States
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