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How to Form a Formal Letter?

This is simple way to form a formal letter in a creative way?

Fatma M. AlMisned

on 9 April 2011

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Transcript of How to Form a Formal Letter?

How to Write
a Formal Letter? The formal letter
consists of ... heading body Closing Signature Sender Address Reciever address I am writing in reply to your advertisement
for temporary summer position,which appeared
in the Western Mail on 27th April. I am a qualified and experienced PA,
and I am bilingual in Spanish and English.
I also speak French fluently.However,
I am willing to consider any kind of work. I am interceded in any secretarial
positions you have, especially
in France or Switzerland. I look forward to hearing from you soon Yours Faithfully,
..... 2 or 3 paragraphs I will be available to start work from
the middle of June.I enclose my CV as requested.
30th April 2005 The letter Foot Dear Sir or Madam, 15 Thayers Farm Road
NT12 4PT
Horizons Unlimited
3 parts Let's start a reply to a formal letter!! 1- Write the addresses in the correct places. 2- Write the date 3- Write the greeting 4- Write the body 5- Write the closing 6- Signature thank You :3) Listen and take notes Today you will be able to write a formal letter 70% accurately the greeting Let's check Done by; Fatma Almisned
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