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Anorexia By:Kayla Murray

No description

Kayla Murray

on 11 November 2012

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Transcript of Anorexia By:Kayla Murray

Anorexia Wintergirls
By: Laurie
Anderson A few years ago Lia was the new girl in Amoskeag, New Hampshire living with her step mother and father. Across the street she encountered her best friend Cassie who discovering the disease of bulimia. By eighth grade year Lia and Cassie shared a goal of becoming the skinniest girls in school. Over the years they encouraged each other to stay skinny and lose as much weight as they could. Junior year Lia was placed in the hospital from anorexia and after Lia got out Cassie blamed her for their disease. The two stopped talking for months until one night Cassie called but Lia did not answer. The same night Cassie was found dead. Lia was now alone. How would learning about this behavior help you? Eating disorders can kill you and the more you learn about this behavior the more effect it will have you not to do it. There is so much that could happen by even experimenting with eating disorders. Learning about them will help you in the long run and you won't even have to think about testing around with the factors. Top 10 Facts About Anorexia Seek Help Remuda Ranch
(866-531-1446) Help Guide.com Canopy Cove (800-236-7524) By: Natasha Friend Perfect Isabelle Lee's father died and at his funeral she discovered bulimia. Ever since she's been barfing until her sister caught her leaned over the toilet. Her mother forced her to take group classes and Isabelle has to find a way to cope with her father's death and this disease that she thinks is no big deal. Purge By; Sarah Darer Littman Jamie Ryan throws up but doesn't enjoy it. She's trying to stop but she's stuck into it all over again. See how Jamie seeks help from doctors to figure out why she continues this pattern that she doesn't even want to do. Skin By: Adrienne Maria Vrettos Donnie isn't the one wit the
problem but his sister is. Karen
was the only one Donnie could
depend on since his parents
are constantly arguing, but
now that Karen is constantly
involved in losing weight he
has no one. Look into this engaging book as Donnie tries to help his sister from dying
and change his family's life. I RATE
A Story Line was good.
The writing could have improved.
The author continued to go back and forth with present day to the past. Canopy Cove - Eating Disorder Treatment Center. N.p, 2002. Web. 04 Nov. 2012. <http://canopycove.com/>

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Anorexia 10 Eating Disorders are a result of such situations as low self esteem, social problems, traumatic events, or by some type of illness. 9 Anorexia is defined as the persistent pursuit of thinness, a distorted view of body image and the obsessive need to abstain from eating despite a malnourished state. 8 9 out of 10 girls have felt pressured to be thin by the fashion industry and the media. 7 Men are 1/3 as likely to have anorexia than woman. Kayla Murray
English 1 Honors
4 November 2012 Anorexia is when you force yourself not to eat. Normally this brought on by self esteem issues or household problems. People involved in anorexia are obsessed with losing weight and spend time counting calories over most things. This eating disorder is addictive and it can be very hard to overcome. 6 Self-induced vomiting can trigger an endorphin release similar to exercise. 5 (Weintraub) It's a Guy Thing, Too (Weintraub) It's a Guy Thing, Too (Deang) Starving to Death (Deang) Starving to Death (Deang) Starving to Death Babies born to anorexic moms can have attention disorders, anemia, heart diseases, liver problems, respiratory complications, and poor growth. Skinny and Scared of Weight Gain (Ravichandran) 4 of anorexics tend to suffer from bone loss 3 Treatments available
for anorexics are: Cognitive Behavior Therapy/Psychotherapy
Alternative Treatments
Experimental Therapies (Ravichandran) Skinny and Scared of Weight Gain (Ravichandran) 40% Skinny and Scared of Weight Gain 2 An average of 40.2% of Americans actually receive treatment for their disorders. (Deang) (Deang) Starving to Death (Anderson) 1 People with anorexia end up suffering
nerve damage that affects the brain
possibly kill you or put in a coma (Ravichandran) Skinny and Scared of Weight Gain At-Risk Behavior involved in Wintergirls Anorexia 7 WORK
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