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I.C.T in society.

I.C.T in society

jack gregg

on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of I.C.T in society.

I.C.T in society.
There are many advantages so here is some of them.
It opens many doors for the future.
it teaches people about the internet.
it helps with jobs.
saves alot of time.
contact people from different contries.
But there are many Disadvantages.
People will become addicted and spend all day on the internet.
People will be unsociable around other people because they will be on their phones.
People can be cyber-bullied
Examples of ICT in society.
I.C.T is used...
In offices .
In schools.
people on the streets using. their phones.
internet cafes.
At home.
Technology is used every day and nearly everywhere.
People have become used to having the internet and there have been many improvements to the internet over the years.
It is a product by Apple. It has a lot of apps and games for kids. It also has other apps that will help with business and school. There's a lot of features were you can connect your friends including Facetime.
Cyber bulling is when someone is bullied over the internet via social network platforms. It can happen for a long ammount of time.
Cyber bullying.
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