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The Reformation

Mr. Kim's World History

Daniel Kim

on 26 June 2013

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Transcript of The Reformation

The Catholic Church
The Protestant Reformation
Over the centuries since its birth, the
Roman Catholic Church
in Europe. As the wealth of the Church grew, so did financial greed, and political corruption.
Martin Luther
While many different people criticized the church well before
, most people believe it to be the starting date of the
Protestant Reformation
As we know, the Church
, or paid many different
Renaissance artists
to create wonderful works of art.
But this proved to be especially expensive! The Church relied on
heavy taxation on the middle class and peasants
to pay for these projects
In the 1500's, the Church needed even more money to help pay for the construction of
St. Peter's Basilica

To do this, he approved the sale of
It is clear that St. Peter's Basilica had a hefty price tag. Indulgences were
given by the pope to
forgive people's sins
, and reduce the amount of time

souls spent in Purgatory.
Unhappy with taxation, and the sale of indulgences,
people began questioning the Church and its policies
It was in this year that
Martin Luther made public his complaints
about the Catholic Church
Not this guy....
This one!
Luther was a monk who criticized the sale of indulgences and the wealth of the church. In a historic move, Luther
decided to write and nail to the church door, his Ninety-Five theses
This was Luther's
list of all the abuses the Church was committing
. Because of the advance of education, and the printing press, the theses were
quickly published
to be read by people all across Europe
Soon intellectuals, other clergymen, and even the average citizen
began reading and debating
Luther's Theses. People thought Luther's list made sense and the desire for
Martin Luther vs. The Church
Head of The Church
Jesus Christ
The Pope
Power to forgive souls
No Power to dissolve sins
The Church should sell all of its possessions
Beautiful art and architecture was part of God's beauty and thus important
Only reachable by Faith Alone
Combination of Faith and Good Works
The Bible
Individual Christians should read and interpret the bible
Only Priests and Monks should interpret the Bible
In response, Pope Leo X
Luther, or expelled him from the Catholic Church. But due to the
spread of his ideas
through the printing press, the damage had already been done. The Reformation had truly begun.
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