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Nathaniel Davis

on 12 January 2013

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Transcript of Psyop

Target Audience Analysis Target audience analysis is a detailed, systematic examination of PSYOP intelligence to select target audiences that may be effective in accomplishing the PSYOP mission. Target audience analysis is the process by which potential target audiences are Identified and analyzed for power (their ability or capacity to perform effectively), for accessibility (by U.S. PSYOP media), and for susceptibility (the degree to which they may be manipulated). The key in the target audience analysis process is identifying target audiences with power—ones whose changed behavior will affect the outcome of the supported
commander’s mission. The quality of empathy is vital to an effective target audience anal analysis. Empathy is putting oneself in the other person’s shoes-the ability to understand other human beings, to know how they feel and how and when to talk to them. To achieve success, PSYOP personnel must have this quality above all others. Empathy is so basic it may underlie everything said about how to develop an effective PSYOP message.
The message, in whatever form it is packaged, is not subject to a set of rigid rules, such as, “Printed products will not be written above a seventh grade reading level,” or “PSYOP must adhere to the rules of advertising.” The goal of PSYOP is to motivate a desired behavior change. The test is whether the message will get the desired response. PSYOP personnel must gain the attention of the audience. They must get their meaning across and identify information necessary to understand the target audience’s perception. They know what response they want to cause in the target audience (PSYOP objective) and something about how that is done. The specifics of this process include the integration of the results of target audience analysis, the appropriate theme, and proper communication strategy. These specifics require from PSYOP personnel the greatest possible empathy with the audience they are trying to reach. FM 33-1-1 UNCLASSIFIED UNCLASSIFIED UNCLASSIFIED Target Audience Analysis Worksheet UNCLASSIFIED Target audience analysts work in the target audience analysis section of the PDC. They use a tool called the TAAWS to conduct target audience analysis.The TAAWS consists of header data (blocks 1through 4) and target audience analysis data (blocks 5 through 12). After the target audience analyst completes the TAAWS, the PDC chief or company commander compares the information on the TAAWS with any existing work sheets on the
same target audience and ensures that all pertinent information has been considered. All previous TAAWSs on the same target audience should be segregated at this time
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