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Boys & Girls Clubs

YPI project in planning class

みなみ 内藤

on 7 May 2015

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Transcript of Boys & Girls Clubs

Fraserview Club – South Vancouver
Grandview Club – East Vancouver
Kivan Club – East Vancouver
Kimount Club – Mt. Pleasant
Hillside Club – North Delta
Langley Club – City of Langley
North Burnaby Club – Burnaby
Norvan Club – North Vancouver
Richmond Club – Richmond
Surrey Club – Whalley
Winskill Club – Tsawwassen
Wintemute Club – Ladner
Our 12 neighborhood based Clubs serve
・support for the families
・support what they need
-safe place for kids
・support kids to be strong, wonderful and balanced children

-9 staff
-10 volunteers
(8 people are high school students)
・camps($30 per day)
-pro-D day
-spring break
-summer break
・charge $100 per year to drop in
・ 260 members
・1000 kids throughout organization
・About 65 kids Wintemute club Ladner visit each day
・students are in grade 9-12 can volunteer
・after 19 years old are able to work as a staff member
・leadership program(UPS)
・prepare healthy snacks
・play dodge ball
・help with some much needed sprucing up at one of clubs
Reference materials
Boys and Girls Club of Canada
Boys and Girls Club of South Coast BC
Wintemute Club
Matt Thom, Coordinator
Winskill Club
Rachel Macool, Coordinator
-NPO(Non-profit organization)
-50 to 60 years been supported on kids&family
Mainly activities
Activities & Budget
Why we should donate to Boys and Girls club??
-Increase that parents can not make time for caring children
Teen nights
Pre-teen programs
After school drop in
Spring break camp
Professional Day Camps
Arts and crafts
single parent families
two-pay-check families

What will they do with $5000
boys group
girls group
air hockey
gym activities
out trips
hockey teams
-does not take donation for
-cash only
Yearly budget

-staff wages
-foods (spending $7000 per year)
-cleaning company
challenging part of this charity
-fund raising
The necessary for this club
last year $3million

government does not give enough money
$100,000 → $75,000
trying to provide more services at other places and help more people
- Need the place that children can play without danger
time & money→challenging
They're expanding their clubs now
Although they have many clubs in Canada, they still try to
their clubs to
serve more kids

But they have to assure that everything is
in each club so that they can expand.
volunteer work
-help to run the organization
-try to provide services to more kids
-give kids more amazing camps
-buy food
-clubs can be improved
Event-Day for kids
Pink Shirt Day February 25th
Race for kids June 6th
Clubhouse Gala October 20th
Breakfast with Santa
Winskill Club Tsawwassen
・After school, about 30-40 kids visit each day
・600 kids throughout organization
・4-5 members each day
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