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City of Bones Monomyth

No description

Dainelle Denison

on 23 October 2012

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Transcript of City of Bones Monomyth

1.Call to adventure • Fifteen-year old Clarissa Fray and her bestfriend, Simon, head out to the Pandemonium Club in Brooklyn. This is where she witnesses the murder of a demon disguised as a boy by three teenagers with odd marks on their skin and strange weapons i. “The boy’s wide eyes were way too bright a green, Clary noticed: the colour of anti-freeze, spring grass. Coloured contact lenses, probably” (Clare 3). ii. “Clary wasn’t paying much attention to her immediate surroundings―Her eyes were on the blue-haired boy who’s talked his way into the club . . . Clary knew perfectly well that he (Simon) came to Pandemonium with her only because she liked it, that he thought it was boring” (Clare 4). iii. “He sank the knife into the blue-haired boy’s chest. Blackish liquid exploded around the hilt. The boy arched off the floor, gurgling and twisting. . . The boy’s eyes rolled back. His body began to jerk and twitch as he crumpled, folding in on himself, growing smaller until he vanished completely” (Clare 8). Since Clary can see the demon murderers, she learns that they are Shadowhunters. 2. Separation • After a frantic, short phone call from her mother telling her not to come home was ended with “. . . a harsh slithering noise. . .” (Clare 21). i.“Its jaws opened slowly, showing a row of fanged teeth spilling greenish drool. A long black tongue flickered out between its jaws as it gurgled and hissed. To her horror Clary realized that the noises it was making were words” (Clare 23). This shows the separation from Clary’s mundane world to a world filled with demonic creatures that roam every street of every city in the world. 3. Test & Trials • The evil Valentine Morgenstern has returned to claim the Mortal Cup and continue with his plans to transform children into Shadowhunters and wipe the world clean of demons (Including, but not limited to; werewolves, faeries, vampires etc.). The Shadowhunters at the Institute in Brooklyn believe Clary knows where the cup is, except a spell has been cast to block out her memories i. “The Silent Brothers are archivists . . . ‘They are very powerful,’ he said. ‘They walk in darkness and do not speak, but they can crack open a man’s minds the way you might crack open a walnut―and leave him screaming alone in the dark if that’s what they desire’ ” (Clare 69). Clary is hesitant about allowing the Silent Brothers to enter her mind and pry around her thoughts. She is especially afraid because the Brothers are the most feared Nephilim demon hunters. Brother Jeremiah dedicated himself to being a Silent Brother, so his face has been mutilated. He is more than half a century old and is extremely wise.
Clary overcomes this trial by allowing Brother Jeremiah to attempt to go through her memories.
• Brother Jeremiah was unable to retrieve Clary’s blocked memories. They are sent to Magus Bane, the “High Warlock of Brooklyn”, who had originally placed the block in her mind as requested by her mother for her own safety. While Magus, Clary, Jace, Alec and Isabelle discuss and retrieve Clary’s memories, Simon drinks a potion that turns him into a rat. He then finds himself in an abandoned hotel inhabited by vampires. i. “’You must imagine the staircase the way it once was, with the gas lamps burning all up and down the steps, like fireflies in the dark, and the balconies full of people.’ They were filled with people now, row on row of vampires with their dead-white faces, their red stretched mouths, staring bemusedly downward” (Clare 117). As they enter the hotel to rescue rat-Simon, they encounter a clan of vampires. They hold the leader―Raphael―hostage in an attempt to offer a trade for an unharmed Raphael for rat-Simon. They quickly and effectively strategized a way to escape the hotel alive with rat-Simon when Clary’s mother’s close friend, Luke, barges in with his wolf pack to help defend Clary and Jace. All three succeed with escaping by flying a demon energy powered motorcycle away from the hotel. • Madame Dorthea becomes an Abbadon. An Abbadon is a Greater demon. The Abbadon was clever and killed Madame Dorthea in order to take form in the real world and tried to kill Clary, Jace, Alec and Isabelle in order to obtain the Mortal Cup. i. “Flat on her stomach on the carpet, she lifted her head in time to see the rushing dark thing strike Madame Dorothea, who screamed, thrusting her arms upward. Rather than knocking her down, the dark thing wrapped her like a shroud, its blackness seeming to seep into her like ink sinking into paper. Her back humped monstrously, her whole shape elongating as she rose and rose into the air, her bulk stretching and reforming” (Clare151). ii. “I am Abbadon. I am the Demon of the Abyss” (Clare152). These quotes show another trial Clary, Jace, Simon and Isabelle have to face after retrieving the Mortal Cup. Since its powers can be used for both angelic and demonic purposes, in the wrong hands (Valentine or his demons) the Cup’s power could be deadly. 4. The Supreme Ordeal •After receiving the Mortal Cup, Valentine kidnaps Jace to his lair in an old, abandoned smallpox hospital on Roosevelt Island. i.“And with that, he stepped through the curtain of glowing air. For a moment he himself seemed to shimmer, as if he stood underwater. Then he vanished, taking Jace with him” (Clare 160). • Luke, Clary and the Downtown Werewolf Pack manage get inside Valentine's lair; however Luke and Clary enter the hospital while the rest of the pack fights off Valentine’s army of Forsaken. While Luke is distracted, Clary finds Jace and Valentine. Valentine reveals to them that he is actually Jace's father as well, which makes them siblings, shocking and horrifying both Jace and Clary, who realize that they have fallen in love. ii.“How did you find me?”
“’Luke,’ she replied. ‘I came with Luke. To rescue you.’” (Clare 185).
iii.“Jocelyn is your mother, Jonathan. And ClaryClary is your sister” (Clare 188).
It seems unreal and both Clary and Jace find it difficult to accept that they are related. Clary manages to convince Jace that even though Valentine is his father, Valentine is still a murderous monster. 5. Return •Luke then returns to fight Valentine, along with Jace's help, but Valentine escapes to the Shadowhunter capital, Idris, where he has now hidden the Mortal Cup, which can used to create Shadowhunters. i. “Valentine had struck at Luke, who had met his blow with an ear-shattering parry. Their blades ground apart, and now they were moving across the floor in a blur of feints and slashes” (Clare 192).

ii. “’The Cup’s in Idris, I told you,’ said Valentine, his gaze shifting past Luke” (Clare 196).

iii. “And with a shocking suddenness he swung his fist toward Jace. Clary cried out, but the blow never connected: instead it struck the surface of the Portal between them with a sound like a thousand fragile shattering things” (Clare 198).
Jace and Clary both meet up at the Institute to discuss about their romantic interests. 6. Reward • Clary finds her mother (who has put herself in a coma) and she is taken to a hospital. Clary finds her mother, who is in a coma caused by a potion, and takes her to a hospital
• Alec is healed after losing a lot of blood and suffering from demonic poisoning after he was critically injured during the attack of the Abbadon while helping Clary get the Mortal Cup.
i. “Clary was about to protest when Alec swung into the entry way on a pair of crutches. . . Otherwise he looked remarkably healthy for someone who’d nearly died four days before” (Clare 204). • Jace is alive. City of Bones Monomyth By: Dainelle B
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