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AlvaroToño de las torres

on 24 November 2014

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After the shooting there were 13 dead and 24 seriously injured
Questions (5-10)
Questions (15 - 20)
Trabajo realizado: Antonio de la Torre
Rodrigo Bielsa
Adrian Simón
Paula Bautista
Carlos Barriopedro
Columbine High School
United States the country with more deaths worldwide
15- Take a position and support it : Do you believe the U.S media is reliably reporting what is happening around the world?
I think not really because from some news they do these affect people differently, so they take advantage of it.

16- Consider all the shots scenes with bowling pins. What do you think they could symbolize and why?
If I review all the shots and scenes with bowling pins I think that U.S.A has two
big problems. One is the problem of the use of guns and second problem is the
mentalities that have the people of guns.

17- Moore uses various editing styles throughout the film ( dramatic, humorous, shocking, satirical, etc.) to convey his messages. Describe and explain as many of them as you can. What point is the filmmaker trying to make? How/why are these effective or not in your view?
I think Moore use the dramatic scenes to show us all the problems in America
with guns. Also they show we the most shocking scenes with humor sometimes.
The filmmaker is trying to show we the important things that in America doesn’t
have with the guns like don” t give away a gun in the bank, the use of the gun,
etc. Are effective because the filmmaker show us of firsthand the irregulations
of the American people with guns.

18- According to filmmaker Michael Moore, the number of household gun in acountry does not necessarily equate the degree of gun violence in that country. If it’s not the number of guns, what factors do contribute to the violent nature of a society?
I think for example the news, where they put always news of crimes. Also the
easy accessibility to take a gun if you aren’t old, etc.
19. Other than the gun violence, what other forms of violence does Moore point to in the film? Moore has stated that sometimes governamental act, such as Michigan´s Welfore to work program amount to state-sponsored acts of violence on the poor. What do you think he means by this? (see also plan: Whose terrorism? To explore a broader definition of terrorism and violence)
The work plans sponsored by state causes poor families are outside of their home a long time which leads to a neglect of their children, on the other hand are many hours of work.

20. How does Moore use the soundtrack to convey his messages? What song would youselect to convey the overall feel of this film?
Moore tries to shock the viewer and try the viewer to reflect on guns in the US.
Pumped up kicks.
6.Long-term solutions are more complex and difficult to address and require grater commitment.What are some policies the U.S. government and others will need to change to make a more peaceful and just world for future generations?
The problem in the USA is the facility to get weapons. I think they should get out the law about the guns that law was approved in the second Amendment and it says that all the people can get a weapon.

7.Michael Moore asks the Lockheed manager if kids think, "Dad goes off to the factory every day and builds missiles. These are weapons of mass destruction.What's the difference between that mass destruction and the mass destruction over at Columbine High School?" The Lockheed manager suggest that there is not a connection. In a persuasive essay, support a thesis in which you argue whether Moore's statement of a connection make sense.
That's not difference between both. Only that mass destruction was bigger than mass destruction in Columbine High School.
Both have a connection because they are a mass destruction. The mass destruction in Columbine High School was less mortifying but was a tragedy too.

8.Define satire. Name a well-know historical figure that has used satire to make a political point. How does the film use political satire to make a point?(Describe some examples)
the use of irony, sarcasm, ridicule, or the like, in exposing, folly, etc. An historical figure that use the satire at the moment is Wyoming. The film uses the satire for reproach senseless fear in the American to all. An example of this in the documentary is the cartoons of the history of America. He cartoons talk about the Americans could not alive without weapons because they felt unsafe.

9.Is it your responsibility as an American to support gun rights or have modern weaponry and living conditions made the Second Amendment obsolete?
·All the population was English and they lived with fear to all. For example they had fear to working so they wet for slaves to Africa, and the slaves did all things and they not paid them.
·Nowadays it is no allowed to have slaves because there are a few rights that prevent it.
·People were afraid that the persons were aroused excitement and they were not following the established norms
·I think it refers to the individual right.

10.An underlying theme in the film is the issue of white racism and how this racism has spawned fear. Using specific examples from the film as well as other research or disagree with the concept that racism in our country leads to fear.
I'm agree because in US, for example, in the documentary, it was appearing that a mother had murdered her two children, but this done the fault to him to a black man and considering the racism that was lived at the time, did not doubt in any moment that the black man was the killer.
Monday, November 24, 2014
Trabajo Inglés
Questions (1-5)
General Discussion Questions
Questions (11-15)
Numerous manifestations by "No" to weapons
1.What issues and themes does the film present?
The main theme is the Columbine high school killings, the issues presented are the legal use of weapons and ease to have them.

2.What questions about the Unitad States are raised in the film?
The use of weapons in the US, and is easy to get a gun, and if you are afraid united states.

3.Why is it important to examine U.S. history when asking these complex questions?
Because if we take a look back in history we see that United States has always used weapons affected by fear and danger of an external threat.

4.What additional information would be helpful when seeking solutions to problems presented in the film?
The numbers of deaths in institutes firearm, the ease of a child or teenager to get a gun and the number of people in the united states with gun.

5.Brainstorm examples of short-term solutions vs long-term solutions.
The short-term solutions would remove the bullets from the supermarkets, monitoring institutes and make difficulties, permits and licenses for a weapon.

And the long-term solutions would concenciar the population and removing weapons and ever.
11.When young people commit violent acts, who and/or what is to blame?
The fault will be people who raised and taught, parents, school or people around them.

12.What are the rights to gun ownership in the other countries (e.g. Canada, Great Britain, Japan, Australia, France, Germany, etc...), and do these laws compare to our own laws?
It has the right to have guns for sport or work purposes, but need special permits and licenses to carry.
In Spain the right to own weapons is reduced to a few, hunters, police, etc ... So far our laws are not similar.

13.In our democratic society, what is the media´s responsibility to the American public?
That may not use or possess weapons in our country, whether knives, fire weapons, etc ...

14.Does the media play on our fears or create new messages? Why/why not?
Yes, I think in a few words that they can manipulate what they wan't.These are very sad that we can not seem nothing.¿What why? Why are holding valuable information, so we just tell them what has it is going to benefit them.
According to a study by Harvard University, 65% of what we are told in the television news is a lie, manipulate 25% according ta benefit them and only 10% is true.
put us 10
Weapons or less dead
Columbine documentary, interviews Charlton Heston
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