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on 9 January 2014

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Transcript of FRANK Lloyd WRIGHT

ENNIS HOUSE (AKA Ennis-Brown House) - Northern Las Vegas
- Phoenix Arizona
Residence for David Wright (son of FLW)
S.C. Johnson Headquarters
- Racine Wisconsin
Designed for SC Johnson
FALLINGWATER - (AKA Kaufmann Residence) - Bear Run, Pennsylvania
Built for Edgar J. Kaufmann
Who was Frank Lloyd Wright?
Born June 8th 1867 (Richland Center Wisconsin), Died April 9, 1959 (Phoenix, Arizona)
Completed 532 works
91 years old at death
Designed more than 500 structures, over 400 are still standing today
Born as "Frank Lincoln Wright"
Works includes buildings like offices, churches, schools, skyscrapers, hotels, museums, residences, ...etc.
Wrote 20 books and many articles
Was a popular lecturer in the US and Europe
Was an American architect, interior designer, writer and educator, from 1886-1959
Father - William Russell Cary Wright
Mother - Anna Lloyd Jones Wright
Sister - Maginel Wright Enright
Three Wives - Catherine Lee Tobin Wright, Maude Wright, Olga Ivanova Wright
7 Children
Well-known in his lifetime
Recognized in 1991 as "the greatest American architect of all time" by the AIA (American Institute of Architects)
- at Oak Park, Illinois
His Style:
Has been called controversial - designed modern-styled buildings in the late 19th to 20th century
His designs have been called "anti-Victorian era", which it was at the time
Prairie Styled Architecture:
Less, bigger rooms (flowed more easily)
Horizontal theme - one floor, longer houses
Textile Styled Architecture:
patterned concrete blocks
usually themed (Hollyhock House - Hollyhock flower)
Organic Styled Architecture:
promotes harmony "between human dwellings and the natural world"
"grows out of the site"
Usonian Style Architecture:
small single-story dwellings
usually lacking a garage or storage space
often "L"-shaped (to fit around a garden terrace)
native materials, flat roofs, large cantilever overhangs (for passive solar heating and natural cooling), and natural lighting - clerestory windows
- Los Angeles, California

Designed his own home at Oak Park
Lived here 1889 - 1909
Many changes were made to the building
In the 1960s, the house fell into disrepair
Later restored by the Frank Lloyd Wright Preservation Trust
Designed as a residence for Aline Barnell
Exterior walls tilted back 85 degrees:
referred to as "Mayan Revival Style
Named 'Hollyhock' as a reference to the flower
many decorations have the plant's general appearance
walls were textiled with the hollyhock design
Some textile concrete is shown here
edges of the roof and columns
Mayan Revival Style
building style and textile design inspired by temples
Textile style
fourth larst FLW textile house
Opened in 1924
designed for Charles and Mabel Ennis
Marked to be structurally unstable
Looked like a part of nature
sits on top of the waterfall
water seems to come out of the structure
rocks and ledges actually stick into the building
Has a very modern look to it
- Madison, Winsconsin
Single family residence built for Herbert and Katherine Jacobs
FLW built a second home for them later
Usonian Style:
"L" shaped residence (bottom of "L" at the front)
Prairie Style:
2 bedrooms
Pioneer-styled plywood walls
Set in an industrial zone
Organic Style:
natural lighting - skylights
white, green columns spread overhead like trees
- New York
Usonian Style:
single story
flowing, round spiral ramp design
wider on top than bottom, cylindrical cement exterior
spiral ramp gallery
natural light - large skylight
Has a "sister museum" in Bilbao, Spain
By: Rachel H
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