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i2i AUDIOVISUAL - MEDIA Programme 2007-2013

No description

Olga Sismanidi

on 21 April 2011

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Transcript of i2i AUDIOVISUAL - MEDIA Programme 2007-2013

Today so far....2007-2010 Where to start? Branding?
Professionalism? Do your desk office work
Why? Guidelines Time, time & time!
Money (staff, etc) What do I get? i2i AUDIOVISUAL Commitment
Immediacy 1. Planning 4. Priorities 3. Categories
of work 2. Target Group 5. Eligible costs 7. Contracting 8. How to .... 9. Project management 10. Any Questions? Annual Call for Proposals
2 opportunities for submission 1. Operational capacity
2. Financial capacity Put everything together
Make sure you can do what you say
Be part of it
Submit your application on time by post with a DVD / e-versions in doc.,xls.
Be available
Choose your medals! Thank you! facilitates access to financing for EU production SMEs by supporting the side costs of financing of production and coproduction projects. 1. 70% pre-financing of total grant

2. 30% final payment ec.europa.eu/culture/media Berlin 2011 Olga Sismanidi Independent AV Producers 50% or 60 % (low AV capacity countries) of total eligible costs min 5.000 EUR - max 50.000 EUR Application Form
Financial Statement i2i Audiovisual Marie Caroline
Olga My Application European Independent production company
EU27, EEA, CH, Croatia
European works - coproducers-participation
50% financed by European sources Deadline 1: 10/01/2011 - EUR 1.5 M
Deadline 2: 06/06/2011 - EUR 1.5 M Independent AV companies Contact us! Drama - 50 min
Animation - 50 min
Documentaries - 24 min i2i Audiovisual competitiveness cultural diversity imbalances of AV sector i2i AV 2007-2010
EUR 11.3 M grant awards address market failures Module 3- Financing costs + 500 retro-activity up to 6 months! DDL1 10/01/2010: from 01/06/2010 onwards...
DDL 2 06/06/2011: from 01/12/2010 onwards... signed financing agreements (Modules:1-3)!

if only M1: FR, DE, ES, IT, UK (AV capacity countries) to submit credit agreement too! Award Criteria Financial Guidelines
Automation, checks and controls
User-friendliness - Log Line (max 3 lines)
- Co production agreement(s) (details on eligibility
of costs and financing agreements) Who? Where?
Why? When?
How? What is i2i Audiovisual? 10 points Selection Criteria 1. Application Form
2. Forecast Financial Statement Don't forget! Olga.Sismanidi@ec.europa.eu 70-80 projects annually co-financing i2i AUDIOVISUAL 2007-2010 reduction of access barriers to financing 6. Selection - Award criteria EUR 6.1 M grant awards co-financed expenses 50% or 60% of EUR + 300 M loans
transnational business cooperation
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